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  1. Tom Sawyer

    I need help cleaning the hot water coil in my oil fired furnace.

    It's not a diy job. Valves need to be cut in to stop any possibility of the acid getting into the potable system and the pump is a special ceramic unit signed to pump acid. Even done professionally, there is more than a 50/50 chance that removing the lime will Expose pinholes in the coil...
  2. Tom Sawyer

    Heil Central Air Conditioner

    Honestly, it's all th same stuff pretty much.
  3. Tom Sawyer

    Air intake kit vs. State code for combustion air

    Rule one, the manufacturers instructions are always followed. Next, the ducting the code is talking about is a free air duct in that it would not connect directly to the burners intake so again, follow the manufacturers directions and 4" is plenty large enough.
  4. Tom Sawyer

    Water heaters for radiant heat and hydronic air handler

    As it is he's going to have close to thirty thousand wrapped up in this if he continues down this path. IMO, that's just wasting money on a system that will never pay itself back especially considering the average life cycle of boilers today.
  5. Tom Sawyer

    Choosing a reliable boiler

    We've been hearing that for the past thirty years. Lol, those improvements in infrastructure will be paid for in higher rates. Nothing ever goes down.
  6. Tom Sawyer

    Help! - new system is not cooling adequately

    If the electric elements were on, ther would be virtually no AC.
  7. Tom Sawyer

    Help! - new system is not cooling adequately

    Often times the thrill of saving a buck turns into the nightmare of spending twice as much to straighten out the mess. You get what you pay for. There's a reason some trades require a license.
  8. Tom Sawyer

    Help! - new system is not cooling adequately

    Gauges and a couple of thermometers will give you superheat and sub cool which will tell you if the airflow is proper. Also, if all the ducts are flex duct be aware that there is tremendous friction loss with flex.
  9. Tom Sawyer

    Help! - new system is not cooling adequately

    If no duct design was done I can guarantee that's your problem. You can't just string flex duct and expect good results. You need to know the CFM of the unit along with the total,developed length of the longest run as well as the loads served. I'd also bet the return air ducts are either...
  10. Tom Sawyer

    Help! - new system is not cooling adequately

    1 - 4 tons is likely two times oversized 2 - did anyone bother to do a manual J loss/gain on the structure? 3 - did anyone bother to do a duct design or did you just string flex duct? I'm betting that your duct design is the problem.
  11. Tom Sawyer

    Choosing a reliable boiler

    Electricity might be falling in New England but certainly not in New Hampshire which has some of the highest rates in the nation. At any rate it's a moot point because the OP already said he doesn't want to rely on electricity so that leafs either gas or oil. If he has natural available and...
  12. Tom Sawyer

    Choosing a reliable boiler

    Folks living in NH are naturally wary of anything electric owing to our unreasonably high electric rates and no chance of them coming down in the foreseeable future. Three to five hundred dollar monthly residentialelectric bills are not uncommon. But the biggest issue people have with mini's...
  13. Tom Sawyer

    Choosing a reliable boiler

    Derry isn't always all that balmy. It's been a few years but two to three weeks of 15 to 20 below will tax the hell out of anyones heat pump.
  14. Tom Sawyer

    AC compatibility question

    Just frame the opening like you would for a window. Include the jams that will hold the unit.
  15. Tom Sawyer

    Choosing a reliable boiler

    I've been a system 2000 dealer for over thirty years. Believe me, you can't go wrong and you won't be disappointed, however, they are pricey. I also sell and install Biase and again, you can't go wrong. If you go the Biase route, make sure it comes with the ?Riello burner. Any 40 gallon...
  16. Tom Sawyer

    Mini-Split help

    Well, you get it all installed and I'll (and most other licensed installers) will come in and tell you all the things you did wrong, vac and charge it and hand you a bill that about covers what it would have cost to have it installed in the first place. Or, you can find some unlicensed handy...
  17. Tom Sawyer

    Boiler/furnace rust

    The rust on the jacket is the least of that pigs problems
  18. Tom Sawyer

    Mini-split p-trap

    I get these nagging littl headaches from time to time.
  19. Tom Sawyer

    Mini-split p-trap

    You could try reading the instructions.
  20. Tom Sawyer

    Oil furnance wont stay running black smoke from chimney

    If you don't have combustion analyzing equipment, you're wasting your time. Everything you do is nothing but hit or miss guesswork.
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