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  1. WJcandee

    Improved Champion 4 flush valve

    One thing that folks with ghost flushes can do is to rip that piece of garbage flush valve out and replace with the Korky 3"/4" Flush Valve. Fits great. Works great, and when it's time, you just change the flapper like any other flapper...
  2. WJcandee

    Toto Drake 1.28 review

    Yep. We replaced some of our old water guzzlers with Drakes; a couple 1.6s and one 1.28. They all flush great!
  3. WJcandee

    Case 3100 toilet water level

    Great job! They're worth keeping. We have a less-well-flushing Standard toilet from 1927 in one toilet room. Almost 100 years old. The porcelain still looks great. I did replace its traditional ballcock and flush ball with a Korky 528 fill valve and the Korky flapper that you can slide down...
  4. WJcandee

    Kohler K-3444 Serif top handle only half-flushing after flapper change

    It's okay to break the seal between the flapper and its seat when attaching the chain (i.e. pull the chain up to hook it in and cause the flapper to lift until you've hooked it in), because you likely need a little more play in the chain to allow you to hook the clip into the hole on the flush...
  5. WJcandee

    11.5" rough in , which 12" rough in toilets can I use?

    Whoa. STOP. A rough-in is correctly-measured from the finished wall to the center of the closet flange. Not from the studs, contrary to what one (otherwise-excellent) post in this thread says. Sorry, but that's the official, actual, architectural truth.** Now, that said, many 12" rough-in...
  6. WJcandee

    Sewage smell after toilet was removed and put back

    Hey, Rob. The smell is not the water. But the water is a BIG clue. The smell is sewer gas, which is putrid stuff that comes from the decomposition of organic waste, and in NYC typically flows up from our sewers throughout all the waste piping in a building. It is smelly because is it a...
  7. WJcandee

    Sewage smell after toilet was removed and put back

    Um, yeah. It's unhealthy. Dollars to donuts the "licensed plumber" didn't reinstall the toilet properly, in particular the methodology of sealing out sewer gas. Either he messed up the connection from the Unifit to the toilet (such as damaging the integrated gasket), did something that...
  8. WJcandee

    Underneath toilet still leaking after new toilet

    Sounds like you're doing a good job working the problem. And here's hoping it can be something simple -- even the wax ring! This is a thread I will keep watching because I do want to know how it turns out!
  9. WJcandee

    Underneath toilet still leaking after new toilet

    Hey, April2. Dollars to donuts this isn't going to be a wax ring issue. Like the situation with another person in the past few days, if there's a leak under the toilet, it's very rarely a wax ring issue because that's not the purpose of the wax ring. The wax ring is there primarily to seal...
  10. WJcandee

    Toilet leaking on ceiling underneath - waxless product

    Thank you for the detailed follow-up. Otherwise, I always end up wondering how things worked out for the person with the issue. And it is useful and helpful to add that information to our collective experience. Sorry you had to pay for a professional to come in, but from your description, it...
  11. WJcandee

    An unknown parts in toilet tank and a fill valve with special refill tube connection

    If that Kohler kit is correct (and I don't know that it is because I still don't know your toilet model number -- don't assume it is just because it has a big refill hose), it has a new flush valve as well, which I haven't heard that you need. And what it has is just a 1B1X fill valve, which a...
  12. WJcandee

    An unknown parts in toilet tank and a fill valve with special refill tube connection

    It's a diverter. It adjusts the flow to the refill hose as the tank fills. That's why it has a float on it. Probably also prevents siphoning of the tank through the fill valve. One purpose is also that in a lot of lowboys, part of the water from the tank doesn't rush to the rim holes to...
  13. WJcandee

    Recommended wall mounted toilet

    The wall-mount with the in-wall tank are just different from a regular toilet, so if you want the familiar action of a regular floor-mount toilet, forget it. The one Terry was nice enough to post about operates more like a regular floor-mount. But if you want a schwanky, Euro visual appearance...
  14. WJcandee

    Toilet leaking on ceiling underneath - waxless product

    Generally-speaking, the wax ring or saniseal isn't there to provide a waterproof seal as its primary purpose; it's there to prevent sewer gas from coming into the room, the same way that a trap under the sink or shower does. As you know, there's no trap under a toilet, the trap is inside the...
  15. WJcandee

    Toto GMax vs Tornado Flush

    I will just echo my friend Terry, who is the true expert on this. We put in two Original Drakes (CST744S) like 8 years ago now, and we still get comments from folks about how nice they look and how well they flush. Which is a little weird if you think about it: "Do you mind if I use your...
  16. WJcandee

    AS Tilt Actuator Problem

    I'm pretty sure that years ago I just slid the collar of one of these over the overflow riser in lieu of the tilt-flush, but I could be wrong. Or I could have been lucky.
  17. WJcandee

    All three toilets leaking now. Is this a scam?

    Respectfully, I have to say that it seems to me like you're making excuses for bad behavior. The homeowner asked the plumber to FIX a problem he noticed with a toilet, which basically required a flapper replacement, revealing the homeowner's lack of knowledge. He then asked the plumber to...
  18. WJcandee

    All three toilets leaking now. Is this a scam?

    I vote for "scam". One thing you almost-certainly DO NOT need to do is replace the toilets. The fact that you called him for the first problem was the tip off to him that you were vulnerable and didn't have knowledge. Most of the time, when the toilet is leaking from the tank into the bowl...
  19. WJcandee

    Toto toilet tank leak

    There are only 3 places your tank can leak: around the fill valve opening, around the flush valve opening, and around the tank bolts. (Okay, 2 tank bolts so 4 places.) Unless it's cracked. And also what you might be interpreting as a tank leak could be a leak from the fill hose or from the...
  20. WJcandee

    Ghislaine Maxwell a TOTO Fan?

    I was reading about the arrest of pimp-to-the-pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell today, and I noticed that she had chosen what the Daily Sun in Britain called a "fake name" to conceal her identity while hiding out in the U.S. The name: "G-Max". My favorite TOTO flush system. Given that she's now...
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