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    Deep well filtration system

    Had a well go out and was forced to hook up my other well to my tanks. So far I have pumped 110k gallons over 3.5 days out of it. first problem is when it comes out of the well before hitting the tanks it comes out blackish with a lot of very fine sediment. After pumping clear within 24hrs it's...
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    Adding well to current system

    By the looks of the diagram I take it all I need is a tank tee kit with gauge, switch, relief valve, bibb, shut off, and check valve. All hooked up between my pressure tank, settlement tank, and pump. Top of where the sub pump comes out of the ground has a 75psi relief on it so assuming I don't...
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    Adding well to current system

    So I got an extra well I wanna hook up to my current system. System has a pressure tank and settling tank on it. Well has a submersible pump with a control box that has 230v 1hp and usually runs around 10amps when I tested it. Shocked the well a couple times and have ran it for 24hrs without the...
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