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  1. Mad Plumber

    Remodeling this Bathroom am I getting over quoted?

    Some stuff that was writ. Terry, I just got ripped off. Its Sunday and they charged me $123.75 to come out and unplug my kitchen sink. It took them about 20 minutes.My check is going to bounch tomorow becase I dont have much in the bank.I feeel like they really ripped me off.Plumbers charge too...
  2. Mad Plumber

    Floating sink in bathroom

    I have a floating sink in bathroom. I dont like cabinnuts so thxi s is a good one. My dawg lkes scratching hs back on the parts.
  3. Mad Plumber

    A party toilet, what I came home to. I mean, really?

    I have frfeinds and they have friends, and they like to party. I worked late and came home,and what were they thinking? And they said, like come on and have some of this. And I just got a little sickn thinking aboujt it.
  4. Mad Plumber

    Delta 600 series shower valve repair

    25 year old house on a well. Leaking Delta shower valve. Let the hot water run 5 mins. Drained down applied the most awesome strap wrench in the world and the nut pops right off. Its a Sloan strap wrench Craig Allen Don't do what this guy did!!
  5. Mad Plumber

    He're's my salustion to 10" rouf toilelt.

    AS yu can see, I had a 10" hole in grund. The wall was verry close. I tnnik I did good.
  6. Mad Plumber

    Three on the tree. One way to carry toilets into the job site.

    Seriossly. Whadt is thdis guy tkninking? Whayt is that can opf paint therex?
  7. Mad Plumber

    Kennard Rough in rear outlet toilet

    Lemme see what dis does. I see dis. "This has been the worst and most expensive plumbing fixture I have ever dealt with. The description of the install is incorrect! This fitting that connects the toilet to the wall drain will NOT mate with a 3" or 4" PVC socket. The fitting that comes with...
  8. Mad Plumber

    Water Heater Snake

    I had a cusomter that wanted to clean his water heater and asked about snaking it. I was waht are you talking aboujt? You dn't snake wa wter heater. But then hxe showes my this pciture.
  9. Mad Plumber

    Cleanout plug original 60's bath sink p trap

    You have a funky and junky thing gong on there. How old is the home? If it's lead then I say No Buenos. Lead is hard to work with. It's soft. No threads and can break. Ever tried soldereing in a wall with9uot torching the house? It can be tracky.
  10. Mad Plumber

    Are you are hard worker?

    Interviewer: Would you call yourself a hard worker? Me: Absolutely. I make almost everything harder that it has to be.
  11. Mad Plumber

    Toilet install with wonky floor? Dooh! How what???

    I had to install htis thlielt on ths wonky flor. I kept tripping and the homeowenr was alughing so hard I wanted to make jokes back. I wood go gack and rothr to the van and keppt flipping. I mean tripping. The thing is kind floating above the floor. I'm getting sixk looking and working on it...
  12. Mad Plumber

    Does avery plumbres yard lik this? What!!

    What does most of you do wth stuff yhou take out? My wife thinks I shud git rid of them. I here that people wnat old ones, so I been keeping them hoping they go up in value. She wants to park her car theere. I get it. But Im making moeny right?
  13. Mad Plumber

    Video of chugging in my pipes caused by flushing Toto Drake toilet, can anyone help?

    Lemme meditate on this. Chugga chug chug chug. Fill fill fill valve? Okay I'm feeling fill valve. That my vote.
  14. Mad Plumber

    Moen Posi Temp Handle Slop

    Nah, I'm thanking just get stronger wid dat. Arrghh!! You can do it!
  15. Mad Plumber

    The drunk down the street

    My problem is my spouse. We get in these terrible arguments when it comes to how home remodel projects should be done. I explain the best way I know, how it should be done. I make little drawings, showing every little detail, and still she doesn't think I know how to do it. To make matters...
  16. Mad Plumber

    Why are shower drains 2", What gives?

    Why do showers have to be drained with 2 inch, but tubs can be 1 1/2 inch.I've been told, its because of more constant flow to shower,well i take a shower in my tub everyday! not only that when the kids get out of the tub ,they sometimes wash quite the glob of sludge down that 1 1/2 inch drain...
  17. Mad Plumber

    Disposing of old toilet

    What is the proper way to dispose of an old toilet? Is the material recycled in any useful way, or should I just break it up and send it to the landfill. Thanks for any advice. Jon Miller With the tank removed, they make interesting planters. hj hj, That's just what I would have said, and now...
  18. Mad Plumber

    Toilet leaking all over my floor

    Stuff I saw wrote, Mad Plumber I had a plummer out today to change the wax ring in my upstairs toilet. When he pulled the toilet up we found that it wasn't the wax ring messed up but the tank was broken. (The part that fits into the pipe - don't know what it's called.) Anyway, I know the toilet...
  19. Mad Plumber

    Toilet sewer odor

    Our house is 19 months old. In January of this year we noticed an odor, which I charactized as sewer odor. After much hassle the plumbing contractor came out. He removed the toilet and installed a new wax gasket and reinstalled the toilet. He said the toilet had been installed wrong! The odor is...
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