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  1. KSdoit

    Changing diameter of trap arm to gain distance?

    The sink is a bar sink under a staircase. I have no room vertically to do a closer-to-the-sink dry vent because I cannot offset horizontally above 42 inches. So a proper (non AAV) vent closer to the sink itself is a non-starter due to my under-the-staircase vertical limitations. I'll do a 3...
  2. KSdoit

    Changing diameter of trap arm to gain distance?

    can you elaborate as to why not?
  3. KSdoit

    Changing diameter of trap arm to gain distance?

    The distance from my sink's trap weir to its connection to the drain/vent fitting is 9 feet, so using 2" diameter at 1/4 slope exceeds the physics and code. However ... is it legal under IPC to start with a 2" diameter trap arm (starting from the trap weir at 1/4" slope) and then after 6 feet...
  4. KSdoit

    Additional fixture not within the bathroom group

    I'm under IPC. Is connecting a non-bathroom sink (a bar sink) at the location shown in the attached diagram allowable?
  5. KSdoit

    Are trap arms subject to changes of direction/cleanout rule?

    Are lavatory trap arms subject to IPC's 708.1.4 Changes of Direction code rule and its cleanout rules? For example, suppose a lavatory sink cabinet is unable to center itself to the existing stubbed out drain pipe and vent connection. Assuming my trap arm total length is not longer than...
  6. KSdoit

    Does an AAV eliminate wet vent code violation?

    Under IPC, would a 1st-floor sink draining into the waste stack from the 2nd floor (with 2nd-floor fixtures) be code-compliant if it uses an AAV (Air Admittance Valve)? Or does an AAV not really eliminate the wet venting violation ... e.g., would it still be deemed a wet vent code violation...
  7. KSdoit

    Are dead ends a problem or not?

    Is capping off the unused branch at under two feet from the main drain 'good enough' (to comply with the old IPC rule) or does one need to entirely remove the unused wye and insert something like a Fernco fitting to eliminate the wye? A fernco seems a worse solution than just leaving in the...
  8. KSdoit

    Are dead ends a problem or not?

    As I understand it, the prohibition of dead ends that used to be in the IPC has been removed. The old IPC definition for a dead end was: DEAD END. A branch leading from a soil, waste or vent pipe; a building drain; or a building sewer, and terminating at a developed length of 2 feet (610 mm)...
  9. KSdoit

    Question about venting underground fixtures for a new basement full bath

    Also, has helped me greatly as I am not a professional plumber but an expert diyer. The fee based service and especially the fee based AI engine allows me to ask questions (like I would phrase them) and get answers I am looking for to be complaint with the codes for my...
  10. KSdoit

    Question about venting underground fixtures for a new basement full bath

    Can you please clarify this statement: "Given that the vent pipe (#3) is connecting to the drain pipe #1 right under the floor of the new bathroom location, can all the new bathroom fixtures and the wet bar sink be “wet vented” by the #1 drain pipe? Or do they need to be vented separately...
  11. KSdoit

    Backwater valve mistake by homebuilder

    To rephrase and simplify my question: Should a basement floor drain be protected by a backwater valve IN ADDITION TO the basement bathroom group as per the 2018 IPC? If so, would it be proper building technique to make sure the underslap plumbing had a single properly installed backwater...
  12. KSdoit

    Backwater valve mistake by homebuilder

    Unfortunately the 4 feet of branch from the floor drain to the main drain is sitting directly under the HVAC. A backflow valve would not work in that short portion of drain to solely protect the floor drain.
  13. KSdoit

    Backwater valve mistake by homebuilder

    I believe I have discovered a major mistake by the homebuilder of my house and am seeking advice on how to proceed. My unfinished basement floor is below the elevation of the manhole cover of the next upstream manhole. All my upper floors are above the elevation of the manhole cover of the next...
  14. KSdoit

    Can I locate PEX plumbing lines above HVAC/Furnace system?

    I have space in the ceiling cavity area directly above my HVAC system (furnace & AC) in my basement to run new PEX/plumbing lines, and I would like to run my PEX lines that need to cross from one side of my basement to the other side in this open area that is directly above the HVAC system...
  15. KSdoit

    Can I move cleanout and wet vent here

    As shown in the diagram, I have a SoW stack that serves the 1st floor of my two story house. I have 3 SoW stacks in total. All of my 1st-floor fixtures connected to this SoW stack are true vented (their traps are not shown). I would like to add in the basement in a finished "craft room", a...
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