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  1. Inspektor Ludwig

    How to add Utility Sink and Washer Drain to existing 4"

    It just makes my head hurt.............. Made you take out type L soft copper? Hope he gave you a good reason, I don't see what the big deal is. Just a note: you can no longer wet vent a laundry sink into a c/w stack. Laundry sinks now require a 2" drain, who knows why they changed it. As...
  2. Inspektor Ludwig

    How to diagnose where septic odor is coming from ?

    Ok so it's the tub, at least that's a start. I have seen a fan pull air through a trap but the fan was much bigger and the room was sealed pretty tight. Took a wee bit of effort to open the door. I've also seen traps on basement level fixtures "burp" sewer gas when AAVs are used, since they...
  3. Inspektor Ludwig

    How to diagnose where septic odor is coming from ?

    Were you able to find the area of the smell? Did you check your traps first? A trap can siphon if there is something plugging it downstream, but you should be able to tell which trap is dry if that was the case and yes, if something wasn't draining properly you could siphon other traps but I...
  4. Inspektor Ludwig

    How to diagnose where septic odor is coming from ?

    First thing is put your nose right down into that tub drain. It'll be pretty strong so there would no mistaking where it's coming from. If it's not the tub then try the sink drain and under the sink and around the toilet. If the smell gets stronger with the fan on, then turn it on and you may...
  5. Inspektor Ludwig

    Plumbing 101 - Reduce main supply to 1/2"

    It should be a big deal. You shouldn't have a copper to galv. connection, I hope he installed some brass between the two. I'd get him out there and have him fix it and do it the right way, you're losing volume and increasing the risk of a pinhole leaks down the road with decreasing the size...
  6. Inspektor Ludwig

    Will PVC bond to CPVC?

    Get a male pvc coupling and a female copper thread by cpvc adapter and screw em together to transition.
  7. Inspektor Ludwig

    Tile in Bathroom leaking from Underneath!

    Some toilets have a shorter horn on them, which is the ceramic ring on the bottom of the toilet that initially contacts the wax ring forming the seal. Some toilets have longer ones and some have shorter ones. Combine a short horn with a standard wax ring and a toilet flange that is slightly...
  8. Inspektor Ludwig

    Urine Leaking from UNDERNEATH Toilet into Ceiling Below - NOTHING above leaking!

    Hmmm, well one of two things, either you have a crack or that little boy is peeing all over the place. Probably peeing around the toilet seat bolts and it's running down the bolts and dripping onto the flange bolts holes. You basically have to troubleshoot the problem starting with the most...
  9. Inspektor Ludwig

    4" DWV done in ABS in underground garage in a highrise

    This is a good topic. A few years ago the UPC started allowing plastic pipes in any building. What started happening is plumbing contractors started designing high rises with a typical cast iron stack and branches but would use ABS for the vent stack and trap arms/dirty arms. Problem is...
  10. Inspektor Ludwig

    Why would NIBCO/CPI Durapex PEX split (lengthwise) and leak?

    One thing to keep in mind is that one of the selling points of PEX was it's ability to withstand freezing without bursting. This was a big selling point but has proven to be untrue. The manufacturers clearly state that the piping should not be installed in places where freezing can occur or...
  11. Inspektor Ludwig

    PVC to copper coupler wont seal

    Just like cacher said, soft copper, no matter how careful you are with it, will never be perfectly round. Even if it's just ever so slighty "egged" you won't get a proper seal on that sharkbite. Soldering would fill the gap or if you don't have the soldering tools you could use a brass...
  12. Inspektor Ludwig

    PVC to ABS

    I've heard of marvel rings but the only ones I've ever seen are brass soldered onto copper. I have to say I've never seen an ABS marvel, same thing I guess? My question would be why wouldn't you just use the same kind of plastic as the drain? It can't be that hard to find an ABS trap adapter.
  13. Inspektor Ludwig

    I messed up - how to fix it?

    I don't know what code you're under but it looks like you've got a really long trap arm. UPC requires 1 1/2" trap arms to be no longer than 3' 6" developed length. How picky is your inspector? I'd just cut off that trap and use a sweep to get over there. Never underestimate the power of dry...
  14. Inspektor Ludwig

    Strange showerhead behavior...

    Oh you had to go and bring Delta into it! LOL, if I had a nickel for every delta ball I've had to fix................uffda! Reminds me of my friend at work. He's always talking about his new truck, big blue diesel Chevy. It's nice looking but every so often he comes in with a complaint "My...
  15. Inspektor Ludwig

    Solar single wall heat exchangers

    I came across this the other day on a jobsite and had to do a little research. A guy had a Solar heat exchanger installed by a professional company that specializes in this type of system. The problem was the single wall heat exchanger. The company used Propylene Glycol saying it was...
  16. Inspektor Ludwig

    Splicing into 3" PVC horizontal drain line

    Funny thing, I wonder if the engineers that write the plumbing codes would say the same thing? Things that make you go............WTF?
  17. Inspektor Ludwig

    Strange showerhead behavior...

    Is the hand held shower supply line that comes out of the wall lower than your standard shower head? It sounds like hot water expansion in the pipes is causing the hand held shower valve and piping to get hot and that in turn would cause the water that's sitting in the hand held line to expand...
  18. Inspektor Ludwig

    Pressed Copper Fittings - Will this be the n hub - lead oakum replacement

    I don't trust anything that relies on a rubber O ring. Especially if it's hidden in a wall. You stated that you're reusing old brass for water pipe? Some of the old brass I've seen up here has quite a bit of lead in it on 3-5 second draw. Just something to be aware of.
  19. Inspektor Ludwig

    Replace entire assembly or its ok?

    Looks like you've gotten quite alot of different opinions on this one, I may be alone on this but I'm a firm believer in replacing piping in an older home, whenever you have an opportunity . Don't get me wrong, a good copper job should last you decades but that all depends on how the intial...
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