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  1. Taylor Love

    What are your top 5 favorite PC games?

    This post is starting to turn into a honey pot... So many spammers are spamming about gambling apps now. I do get instant notifications on replies though.
  2. Taylor Love

    Recent Posting Errors

    So soon??
  3. Taylor Love

    Recent Posting Errors

    Yep. Emails aren't sending properly which causes a growing backlog of unsent emails. It's something I'm going to need to look into when I get the chance.
  4. Taylor Love

    Can't upload photos?

  5. Taylor Love

    Can't upload photos?

    Yeah, one of our database takes suddenly expanded from 100mb to 700gb. We ran out of disk space and that is the cause of the failed uploads. After clearing some space I am attempting to figure out why it happened now.
  6. Taylor Love

    Recent Posting Errors

    Yeah, I just saw the message from our hosting provider. Seems we ran out of disk space. NOT GOOD. Just truncated one of our data tables that was taking up 37gb of storage. Also erased one of our backups which took us down another 6gb. Somehow, between now and the last time we looked at the data...
  7. Taylor Love

    Recommend a laptop??

    All this account does is dredge up old threads with product suggestions. I sent you a private message about this. And you keep doing it. Are you real person or are you just here to spam? Edit: I checked his post history and literally every single post is a necrobrump from years ago with a new...
  8. Taylor Love

    YouTube Links

    It works on the first attempt for me. I have to click the image first and then after that the YouTube video will be there. It currently tries to show a thumbnail given from YouTube in place of the video player at first glance. Perhaps an image of the YouTube player should be used as well to make...
  9. Taylor Love

    Emails are back!

    I am happy to announce that the emails from the site are working again. This has been working for a while but we need a first announcement for this category so I'm going to make it about emails. This means that password reset emails and other site related emails are back online. Especially for...
  10. Taylor Love

    Delete my account

    Agreed. Im locking this thread.
  11. Taylor Love

    Are you able to receive forum emails?

    Aaack! Careful, you should remove those before the crawlers find them. I just mean regular site communications like when someone sends you a private message and you get an email in your inbox. Or when you do a password reset request.
  12. Taylor Love

    Are you able to receive forum emails?

    Trying to make sure the site emails are going through for everyone, so I would like some help with making sure all email providers are supported. If your email provider is not on this list and you are unable to receive emails then feel free to send a PM or make a reply to this thread with the...
  13. Taylor Love

    Awkward toilets with threatening auras

    Like one of those rendered backrooms paintings.
  14. Taylor Love

    Awkward toilets with threatening auras

    These are terrifying. .^
  15. Taylor Love

    Awkward toilets with threatening auras

    Maybe just keep your feet off the floor. Who is going to use this one? Not me. Not sure how anyone would clean this. Seems dangerous to have around. What if someone tries to use it? Hmmm
  16. Taylor Love

    Thoughts about Heat

    So based on what you're saying, the insulation wrapped around my water heater would actually have a noticeable impact on heat savings. Hmm. Makes sense. I like the application of chemistry concepts.
  17. Taylor Love

    Here's an online interactive thing I made for the web.

    This is an online web version of the desktop application I made a while back. Try uploading an image and see what happens. (Hint: Use the scroll wheel to zoom in.) This was an experiment using react typescript and HTML5 for the canvas. I'm...
  18. Taylor Love

    Delete my account

    I can take care of that for you. Can you tell me why though?
  19. Taylor Love


    Yeah, we need some better anti spam tools for sure. We'll get it though.
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