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    Pressure tank and Shallow well pump?

    So If I installed my 42 gallon flotech tank after that shallow well pump it wouldn't give me 19 gallons of pressurized water? Or it would be useless if I installed it after my pump? I figured it would give me atleast 4 toilet flushes, maybe enough for 1 load of laundry, or a sink full of dishes...
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    Pressure tank and Shallow well pump?

    I'm not sure what the duty cycle is. It has a 30/50 pressure switch pre-installed, automatic on/off, and a Guage is on the pump. It is rated for 940 gph @ 0' , with 115 ft headlift @ 0 flow. It is intended for continous flow in residential settings, irrigation, drinking water - not continuous...
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    Pressure tank and Shallow well pump?

    I have a Drummond 1hp Shallow Well pump w/5 gallon pressure tank and A flotech 42 gallon pressure tank. Do I still need to add all the regular things like pressure relief valve pressure guage and a hose bib on a pressure tank T. Or can I run my shallow well pump straight to the pressure tank and...
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