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  1. Gouranga

    Commercial contruction question...

    Definitely find a lawyer that is knowledgable in this area and get his answer to that. If this affects your design greatly now, imagine how much an impact it will have if you build the thing then end up having to add one after the fact or have to redesign to accomodate it later on.
  2. Gouranga

    Funky Smell in "Freshly Washed" clothes

    My wife started putting a little of that "Borax" stuff in with each load in our machine and that stuff cleared out ANY smell from the clothes. Now we do have an OLD machine not a new one but it may be worth a try.
  3. Gouranga

    Security System is insane

    Very true. the sad part is I am a true Gaston county redneck in that I have 6 guns in my home and a bow and arrow (which would actually be more appropriate), as well as a variety of long bladed weapons. Afterward I was considering the fact that I grabbed the least lethal of all the weapons in...
  4. Gouranga

    Security System is insane

    Sorry I went on hiatus there guys. Crazy week. So, my wife was reading the book and doing some web searches. She came to the conclusion that it was a smoke alarm built into this thing (which was something I did not know they had). The book said that could happen if it got clogged with dust and...
  5. Gouranga

    Security System is insane

    Thats what I was afraid of. It is an ADT system and let's just say, that contract was terminated by me and my wife under some not so good conditions.
  6. Gouranga

    Security System is insane

    Last night one of our glass break sensors started doing this extremely loud high pitched squeal, for 10 seconds every minute or so. After I got my heart rate back down to normal, I deactivated the system, it shut up, everyone was happy. So with the alarm deactivated, about 2 hours later this...
  7. Gouranga

    Wood Laminate Flooring reconsidered

    Yeah I used some of the colored silicon caulking. Only in the areas where it would be visible. about 95% of the spots in the hallway where it would show are under quarter round so I used the other stuff there since it seemed to be physically better stuff AND it cost a LOT less than the color...
  8. Gouranga

    Wood Laminate Flooring reconsidered

    When I moved into my house we had the same extremely tired carpet all over the house. I pulled up the stuff in the hallway and replaced it with the laminate flooring from Depot (not the most expensive stuff they had but midgrade). It was probably about 3 years ago. I even bought the installation...
  9. Gouranga

    Stray Cats!!!

    Well, got home yesterday and everyone in the neighborhood got a letter from the city code enforcement officer. Turns out there have been a HUGE amount of complaints to them involving free roaming cats and retards letting their animals use others front yards as toilets. I would not be...
  10. Gouranga

    Whole house water shutoff

    I live in NC and our meter/cutoff is about 1 foot down. It is the only cut-off for the entire house. i have a couple other places where I can shut down about 99% of the water in my home but I have one outside hose that actually comes off the line BEFORE the pressure reduction valve that does not...
  11. Gouranga

    How Dangerous is this???

    Wow! That is impressive but still better than all the people who die during every ice storm in NC when they pull their propane grills into the house to heat it. I college we did not pay for any utilities in my apt but they controlled the thermostat and in Fredonia, NY it gets COLD in the winter...
  12. Gouranga

    Stray Cats!!!

    I bet it would work on teenagers cutting through your yard too. I could move it every day or 2 so they could not find it in the dark. I will have to by them in bulk though. I Imagine a few would get smashed. Could be fun though.
  13. Gouranga

    Stray Cats!!!

    Put out a flyer in mailboxes near your home. letting anyone with outdoor cats know that if their animal goes missing they can be picked up at the pound and they can pay a small fee to get them. Then call animal control. They will put out a trap, catch offending felines and cart them away.
  14. Gouranga

    Fence options

    I am liking the stainless columns idea. One thing with this area is we have plenty o' termites. If you leave un protected (or even to an extent protected) wood outside, they will eat it. I will also take a good look at the prestressed concrete. I could replace this fence REAL quickly if it was...
  15. Gouranga

    Fence options

    So pretty soon I am going to have to replace the fence along my back property line. The old one was not maintained by the previous owner and although I have put some good effort to limp it along, i think I got maybe 2 years left in it at most. it is a 6 foot wood privacy fence. It runs the...
  16. Gouranga

    Deck sealing

    Now that you got me all curious I have been looking for this Cabot stuff. I did find it was one of the big box stores whose name rhymes with "Goes". Quick question for those of you that use it. The clear color they have, how clear is it? I have used plenty of "clear" stuff in the past that...
  17. Gouranga

    Estimate too low ?!

    Wow, I have changed out a couple toilets and I am embarassed to say it but there are things here I had not thought about before. I am of course paranoid as all heck so after any of the toilet work I check at 1,2,3,and 4 weeks in the crawl space for any signs of water, leaks under the subfloor...
  18. Gouranga

    Decent framing nailer

    My uncles a pro and his nailers are all either Paslode or Dewalt. I know his oldest are Paslode and he has had them a long time, they can take a good beating.
  19. Gouranga

    Utility lines

    Well they had a couple issues, first of all they did call and have the lines painted. Our gas lines in this neighborhood are so shallow they are frequently cut. My neighbor was in his yard with a little shovel in a flower bed and cut his 4-5" under ground. I could not beleive it was so shallow...
  20. Gouranga

    Japanese beetles - again!

    My grandfathers plants are being obliterated by these things (he is in York County, SC). He generally uses seven dust on his stuff to kill them but he has been having to put it out freuently this year and is still having to fight these things pretty hard.
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