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  1. GreekGuy7

    Tub spout nipple

    I have a galvanized nipple for a tub spout that is leaking right by where it screws into the elbow in the wall which goes to the tub valve. what are the chances that will unscrew from the elbow? eazy-out or internal pipe wrench? too short to grab onto it with a pipe wrench. if it wont budge...
  2. GreekGuy7

    Primary Sump Pump Suggestion Zoeller vs Ridgid

    i had decent luck with zoeller m53.... maybe 8 years average. i seen ridgid pumps from home depot die after 2 or 3 years. then i again i seen cheap plastic pumps last 12 years. what u guys think of little giant? menards sells them. i installed a couple of these lately
  3. GreekGuy7

    No water to bathtub after frozen pipes

    the line to the bathtub probably is still frozen; no hot and cold?? open the tap and let it trickle for a while and it may just unthaw on its own that way as the water trickles past the frozen area. it worked for me and a friend last month. once it runs ok, make sure it didnt split anywhere
  4. GreekGuy7

    Kitchen shutoff valve sizes

    Kitchen shutoff valve sizes Author: greekguy7 (IL) I went to put in a Moen faucet that had the supply lines already attached: 3/8" compression connection at the end of them which is very typical application. It turns out the shutoff valves I had in there were 1/2"compression on the end. Darn...
  5. GreekGuy7

    Water heater not always firing

    I have a Bock 80 gallon commercial water heater with a spark igniter that is just over a year old. Of course its out of warranty Every so often, it would spark several times, but the burner will not fire up. It will do this a few attempts till it goes into lockout mode so I will have to power...
  6. GreekGuy7

    I need help with the right hose for this head

    Do you own the apartment or renting it? If renting, please talk to the landlord before touching it again. If you break it, you will be paying for it.
  7. GreekGuy7

    Leaking Tub

    Great advice, guys!! IF it was also leaking when the bathtub was also running out of the spout (not just the shower), you see a lot of issues where the source of the leak was the actual faucet stem or catridge?
  8. GreekGuy7

    Moen Shower Cartridge Removal Tool

    Moen Cartridge core: Easy-Out or 1/2" Tap Method?? When trying to replace an ancient Moen 1200 brass/chrome cartridge and the guts come out only leaving you the core behind.... you prefer using a #6 easy out, or the 1/2" tap method? When using the 1/2" tap method, do you drop a dowel in the...
  9. GreekGuy7

    Wax-Free Bowl Gaskets

    Thanks for the reply and I agree with you 100%. But if the floor is in fact tired, would this wax free gasket perhaps be a "little more forgiving"?
  10. GreekGuy7

    Wax-Free Bowl Gaskets

    I have a toilet in a rental that the floor is not in the best of shape so the toilet rocks... and there goes the wax ring. The other day, I put a "number 10" wax ring on it, shimmed the toilet and caulked it so we'll see how it goes. Until I get a chance to replace the floor, anyone have...
  11. GreekGuy7

    Flow control valve stuck closed??

    Here are a few pics of the steel impeller I pulled out of that old Bell And Gossett pump. Based on the date code on the bearing assembly, it is from August 1961, which makes sense since the building was built in 1961. Who knows how long that zone had poor heat because this a rental and just got...
  12. GreekGuy7

    Flow control valve stuck closed??

    I tried opening the flo- control valve manually and the thing would not budge... I even loosed and even removed the packing nut, and still nothing. Gee.... its only 50 years old. :) So I removed the Bell and Gossett 100 pump to inspect the impeller for my cause of no heat in that zone: Well...
  13. GreekGuy7

    Flow control valve stuck closed??

    If it was truly stuck closed or nearly closed, wouldn't any attempt to bleed the zone cause very little to come out of the purge valve since the water wouldn't go thru the flo control valve?
  14. GreekGuy7

    Flow control valve stuck closed??

    Actually, I think you are referring to a zone valve... not a flow control valve? I dont have any zone valves, but instead have a dedicated circulator pump and flow control valve for each zone.
  15. GreekGuy7

    Flow control valve stuck closed??

    It seems most times flo control valves get stuck open and then you have the zone too hot due to runaway heat. I am wondering if mine is stuck closed cause the radiant heat in that zone never reaches temperature (70 degrees) and thus the cirulator is always running. The other 4 zones upstairs...
  16. GreekGuy7

    Maximum Temperature for Radiant Heat

    I have 6 zones in a 2.5 story building. The lower lever has radiant heat and the 2 other floors have baseboard heat. The boiler usually runs at 160-180 degrees and there is a mixing loop that mixes some of the return water back with the supply to feed the radiant zones. Is there a maximum...
  17. GreekGuy7

    Noisy Taco 007 Circulator

    A couple weeks ago I bought a Taco 007 pump and installed it the other day. The problem is that after I purged the zone properly and powered it up, I did get heat in the zone but the pump is making a bad noise. The boiler pressure is fine, the pump is not mounted upside down or sideways and all...
  18. GreekGuy7

    Flushing drain lines

    After rodding out a drain or even plunging it, is it best to flush the lines with cold water or hot water? I can see the benefits of each but was wondering what works best from your experience. Thanks!!
  19. GreekGuy7

    Basement Watchdog Brand

    I was wondering what your opinion is on Basement Watchdog Brand pumps. For some time, they been making backup sump pump systems, but now they are making primary pumps as well as a combination primary/backup system. The last two installs, I dropped in a Zoeller M53 as a primary pump... not...
  20. GreekGuy7

    Need help with replacing my water heater

    I sent you a private message. Good luck.
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