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  1. Martin Boring

    Emergency pump recommendations

    I had this same problem for years in the spring of the year the water gush's in my sump pit. Your normal home owner sump pump wouldn't last. Battery backup ones couldn't keep up. The Zoeller lasted about the best but all the cycling would take out the switch. I installed a AMT brand pump not...
  2. Martin Boring

    Terry Love Cancer update

    I am fairly new on the forum. Have enjoyed all the information that Terry has posted. I worked in the trade for years so I enjoy people like Terry. Prayers going out for him and his family.
  3. Martin Boring

    Secondary Septic tank or liberty sump pump for extra bath?

    I have installed a couple of the self contained sump pump systems and they worked well. The only thing you need to watch is to make sure your current septic system is rated high enough for two bathrooms. A lot of the older septic's aren't rated for adding more bathrooms and won't pass code...
  4. Martin Boring

    Sump pump analysis paralysis

    BlkSC Welcome to the forum. I throw my take on this. Sounds like you have ground water issues. Back in 1998 I bought the current farm and house I live in. Big three story house built in 1916. It had no gutters and the yard sloped toward the house. Water standing in the basement. We put gutters...
  5. Martin Boring

    Struggling to remove pitiless adapter for submersible well pump

    Upscale 22 You may be able to take a piece of half inch black gas pipe and smash the end down to fit over your square bolt to make your own key to get that loose. I can't say I have ever pulled a pit less exactly like that one. But I have smashed black pipe to make keys to loosen other types of...
  6. Martin Boring

    Sump Pump Design Feedback

    I will add my experience with sump pumps. We bought this farm back in 1998 house was built in 1916. About a foot of water in basement. Put gutters on the house did some dirt work still water in basement. Added a five gallon bucket for a pit and pump. Still couldn't get basement dry. Finally cut...
  7. Martin Boring

    Power tool choices, Need some help

    I have ran Dewalt 18V for years with no issues. I have been around Rigid and didn't care for the drill chuck just didn't seem to stay tight. I did buy a Milwaukee PEX tool coming up three years ago and haven't had a issue with it yet.
  8. Martin Boring

    Coleman sump pump

    I understand what you are saying about the softener water. I don't dump my softener into my sump pit just pump the water from my drain tile field. Some day if I run out of projects I might install a larger sump pit but I doubt that will ever happen. I would have to catch a real dry year or it...
  9. Martin Boring

    Coleman sump pump

    I understand sometimes we are "told" to buy something. Your cam is a neat idea. Our snow is melting around here now also and my sump pump is kicking on about ever ten minutes. I have my float set on my AMT so it fills the drain tile field up in the basement before it kicks the pump on to get a...
  10. Martin Boring

    Coleman sump pump

    I have never had very good luck with box store or farm supply brands of sump pumps. I have installed a fair amount of Zoeller sump pumps and had good service from them. But on a couple systems that pump a lot of water and cycle a lot which one of them is my own home the switch on the Zoeller's...
  11. Martin Boring

    Leaking drum trap on tub

    Terry We were out your way coming up seven years ago in June. Very pretty area. But the traffic WOW. We were in a rented motor home and drove 6,000 miles in three weeks. Saw a lot of country I have never seen. When I was a kid my one aunt and uncle lived in the Seattle area for years. My mom...
  12. Martin Boring

    Does a Maxitrol 325-3 Regulator step the natural gas pressure down to 1/2 PSI?

    In my area you are seeing a lot more 2 PSI coming into the house as the gas loads have gone up with demand water heaters and more gas fireplaces. and a Maxitrol stepping it down to run to the different gas appliances. Even a lot of the LP new installs are running 2 PSI into the house and...
  13. Martin Boring

    Redrilling old well

    Had this happen to FIL trailer court years ago a farm sold next to the trailer court houses started going up and wells drilled and the trailer court's wells ran out of water and new deeper wells had to be drilled to get the water going again at the trailer court.
  14. Martin Boring

    What thermostat wire should I use?

    I only run 8/18 you never know if you want to add something later. Doesn't cost that much more.
  15. Martin Boring

    Sewage check valve not working

    You may have to try a little bigger weep hole under the water line to get the flapper to close quicker. Had to do that on one that was acting that way a while back after a pump and check valve change out. I like to keep the hole close to the pump connection.
  16. Martin Boring

    Best PEX fitting/set up

    In my area PEX was slow coming in. PEX B was the first and still is used a bunch. Type A has only been around here a few years. I myself love it for repipe in old houses and new as well. I bought the battery powered expanding tool and its been great. Only time I do B is on repairs.
  17. Martin Boring

    Securing sump pump pipe

    Tipsy that's what I like about the unistrut system there is a lot of different pipe clamps 90 degree pieces so you can hook it to the wall with some anchor bolts. They also make pipe clamps with a rubber insert in them.
  18. Martin Boring

    Securing sump pump pipe

    I like to use Unistrut for that type of support. Its very easy to use.
  19. Martin Boring

    Big Blue Filter Housing / O Ring Blues!

    Lee if the top picture is the one you have it looks like a Omni brand B7 filter housing and the O ring kit should be a OK7. In my area Menards is a dealer for Omni in my area.
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