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  1. Ndx

    Phosphates and TDS

    Hi Guys, I know that we have some big brains that know water quality well here. I purchased a hot tub and I been fighting phosphates in brand new fill. My house is on 12x54 Catalytic GAC. I got my home water checked Free Chlorine 0.08 Total Chlorine 0.08 Combined Chlorine 0 pH 7 Hardness 53...
  2. Ndx

    Best Valves ?

    Hi Guys, Getting plumber in next week to install Viqua UV system What are best valves under Sink, Toilets - I'm thinking made in Canada DAHL quarter turn What about main water shut-off ( is quarter turn good idea from DAHL ) Something better ? My plumber uses Watt's ( nothing against ) but...
  3. Ndx

    Media mixing ?

    Thank you guys ! I'm glad to hear ... that Media Guard with KDF55 is a good product ... actually made in Canada too ! I did read some negative results .. but I will trust you and I will request to have it added in to my carbon tank ! Anyone else has experience with it
  4. Ndx

    Dual GAC tanks

    Hi Guys, As you know, I'm getting my first system ... company that was recommended to me from here is very flexible.. But I want to do some of the leg work to... Main concern Chloramines Does 2 x 12 x 52 with catalytic carbon makes sense ? or one tank is just enough... is more better or...
  5. Ndx

    Media mixing ?

    I'm sure that our forum guru dittohead will have answer... Is layering media acceptable, like GAC with KDF55/88 ? Does it make sense?, or should it get separate tank... but maybe on city water chloramines... it would be better to get 2 x 12 x 52 with Catalytic Carbon to improve quality ? Thx
  6. Ndx

    Fluoride removal ?

    Just wanted to share my findings... GAC+KDF had some significant removal rates, Please read the notes (1), but that's pretty crazy. Did the GAC remove it... did KDF ? or reaction of both ? Thx
  7. Ndx

    Fluoride removal ?

    Hi, So what are my options ... Bone Char ? Activated Alumina ? Any other POE solutions beside Whole House RO ? EDIT: I found some claims of a media that is capable of removing fluor Thx
  8. Ndx

    Backwashing carbon bed filters ?

    Amazing, thank you very much !
  9. Ndx

    Bone Char Media - mesh size

    Hi Guys, I seen very similar post about GAC, Thx to Dittohead I have lined up supplier for the filtering system. But I think I will be supplying Bone Char myself. Here are the available sizes: 5x8 6x14 6x30 8x24 8x30 20x60 What size should I use for my 2cu back wash tank ... Thx
  10. Ndx

    Water Filer Build / Parts list

    Hello, First of all, Just wanted thank you dittohead and Bannerman for their help! What parts are needed to put filter together... Tank Valve Head Bypass Valve Raiser Tube ( Distribution tube ? same thing ? ) Gravel Media Any other little parts ... do I just put the distribution tube >...
  11. Ndx

    Whole house water filtration.

    Thank you very much Bannerman and dittohead. Yes Fluoride is added by the city as Bannerman mentioned. I believe that 0.8 mg/L3 . or 0.7 for me .. City reports samples for Fl. 0.7-0.10, 0.15 - 0.16, 0.61 to 0.66 As chloramine chlorine and ammonia added to the filtered water to bring the...
  12. Ndx

    Whole house water filtration.

    Or even better how this setup sounds Two 12 x 52 Tanks - Gravel Bed - Catalytic Charcoal in one - Brimac in other tank ( Bone Char ) - 2 x Valves manual or automatic - 2 x Distribution tube + Screen - 1 x 0.5 micron pre filter Would a system composed of this be enough ... or should I go with...
  13. Ndx

    Whole house water filtration.

    Hello, I'm in Hamilton... How does 2 Cu sounds, for each Bone Char + Catalytic Carbon ? ( back wash ...) This is for two people, Thx
  14. Ndx

    Whole house water filtration.

    Hi Guys, Looking for advise, looking at filtration chloramine/s and Fluroide, as you know regular GAC is not good choice in this situation. Aqusana EQ-400 with Catalytic Carbon + 1cu Bone Char generic filter to tackle Fluroide. Or Vitasalus / Equinox combo...
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