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  1. James Henry

    pipe layout question?

    That doesn't work. Why do you want to do it like that?
  2. James Henry

    Question about strange sewer like smell.

    You need to crawl around under the trailer, sounds like you have a drain that is leaking or damaged.
  3. James Henry

    allen wrench size to remove seat?
  4. James Henry

    Identifying stale PVC primer?

    If their old cans just throw them away, not worth the risk.
  5. James Henry

    Sink drain correct and to code?

    You need to cut that mess out and install a santee on the stack, the drain needs to run horizontal the whole way. What ever the horizontal jog needs to be, they make 22-1/2 degree fittings. If that doesn't work then you can install an AVV anywhere along the drain. The last thing that always...
  6. James Henry

    Whats wrong with this DWV iso drawing for basement bathroom?

    Put a 2" VTR. You will never see a 1-1/2" VTR on a roof.
  7. James Henry

    House inspection shows belly in pipe

    Basically all drainage pipes have a belly somewhere in the line, there are rarely never any perfect draining pipes, it all depends on how bad the belly is. 1. Have a plumber look at your toilets and tell him you want them to flush as much water as possible. 2. Don't ever throw anything other...
  8. James Henry

    Trying to understand house plumbing

    The shut off your turning off may be just for the water heater.
  9. James Henry

    3 cleanouts in front yard right next to each other?

    RotoRooter can come out with a sewer camera and locate where they go in just a few minutes. Or if they're not real deep you can dig them up yourself. You don't want to eliminate any cleanouts.
  10. James Henry

    Results of Sewer Line Scope

    Clay pipe is Bad. If it's under concrete that's Bad. If it's near trees or bushes that's Bad. Better do some more homework before you sign.
  11. James Henry

    Hot water tank removed: Need advice on why water continues to drain, not leak, from disconnected hot water tank line BUT only when washer is filling?

    If I'm understanding you correctly, turn the hot water spigot off that your hot water washer hose is connected to and try it again.
  12. James Henry

    Best under slab sewer pipe for new house?

    It looks like I made a mistake, there may not be any sanitary fittings for schedule 80 pipe. Everything else still stands.
  13. James Henry

    Best under slab sewer pipe for new house?

    Never use any kind of metal pipe. If you want to use schedule 80 PVC, go for it. The most important thing is that it is installed correctly and glued properly and it doesn't get moved while backfilling the dirt or when pouring the concrete. You need to have someone trustworthy to oversee the...
  14. James Henry

    question about replacing pop up assembly on pedestal sinks

    How much do you charge for your labor? Are you a white collar worker? If so then I'd say $1,000.00 is about right.
  15. James Henry

    Wet Vent Issue with Upcoming New Build Bathroom Group

    I took an isometric drawing course as an apprentice. An isometric is drawn on a 30/60 deg axis. When you draw a 45 degree angle on an isometric drawing you have to add 30 degrees to 45 degrees which is 75 degrees which almost looks like 90 degrees which is why you have to be precise with your...
  16. James Henry

    Sediment trap for gas dryer?

    The sediment trap is to help keep trash out of the burner. If its not required you might consider putting one in anyway.
  17. James Henry

    Help ID this shut-off valve

    It's threaded. You can get one at Lowe's. Just get the right size.
  18. James Henry

    New house diagram

    There is no program in existence that can design a plumbing system that I know of. Someone might help you here or I would hire an engineer.
  19. James Henry

    PVC Slip fit coupling Constant pressure (underground)

    Jeff's first reply was best. With a slide coupling just before a vertical transition, when the water pressure fluctuates from turning fixtures on and off the pipe will move back and forth causing the elbows to crack. Talking from experience. If it was a straight run then maybe okay. The bigger...
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