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  1. Weekend Handyman

    Identifying stale PVC primer?

    Not a plumber. A lot of those products have date stamps / expiration windows. As a DIYer, I usually buy the smallest quantity available and throw away it away, if expired before my next project.
  2. Weekend Handyman

    Legend valve hyperpure PERT

    I have used it to replace some hydronic radiators, with crimp rings. The only thing I did not is it does not seem as abrasion resistant as pex. Brand was VIPERT.
  3. Weekend Handyman

    Best bidet

    That'll wake you up in the AM.
  4. Weekend Handyman

    Replacing Water Heater: A way to test my sweat joints without filling tank?

    Just a DIYer here. I would desolder the 45 … one less joint. Coupeling would also be fine. I would practice soldering some closed loops (e.g. a loop with boiler drain on the leg) that you can pressurize with your garden hose to make sure your soldering technique is on point. I really...
  5. Weekend Handyman

    Offset p-trap OK?

    I think the section before the trap may smell.
  6. Weekend Handyman

    How to fix lack of shower drop ear?

    Shit happens. I have yet to get a DIY project 100% perfect. You still probably saved your self a ton of money doing the work yourself. Open it up, put the drop ear in, an chalk it up to lessons learned.
  7. Weekend Handyman

    PEX ID and improper clamps

    Specifically, I am referring to their oxygen barrier pex:
  8. Weekend Handyman

    PEX ID and improper clamps

    I would check with Uponor’s technical documents for the product you have.
  9. Weekend Handyman

    PEX ID and improper clamps

    You can not crimp all Pex A. (e.g. For Reha barrier PEX.). Always read the directions to confirm.
  10. Weekend Handyman

    What is this valve and how do I use it?

    I am not a plumber. It is an air scoop with an high point air vent intended to eliminate bubbles from your system so the oxygen does not rust out your boiler. I would loosen the screw piece on mine to let the air out but would otherwise (i.e. when not standing in front of it) keep it tight...
  11. Weekend Handyman

    Kohler Tub Trim Replacement??

    You could get the parts re-chromed. Not sure what such a thing costs, but I know there are places that do it.
  12. Weekend Handyman

    cracked drain area talavera sink

    Not a plumber. Can you get another sink with the same dimensions?
  13. Weekend Handyman

    Help with a stuck tub spout

    I might open up the wall behind, if that is an option to see what is going on. Also, do you know the brand might be able to get the instructions.
  14. Weekend Handyman

    Help with a stuck tub spout

    I am not a plumber. I have not seen one like that. Is it possible the have it calked to the wall? If so, you might need to release the callk. I would tape your wall so you do not scratch it up with whatever tool you use … or use something plastic.
  15. Weekend Handyman

    Crimp Rings Bad Batch ?

    I am not anti-Sharkbite … I have used them previously with no problems. I just switched brands to make sure I did not get another bag from the same production run.
  16. Weekend Handyman

    Crimp Rings Bad Batch ?

    Well ... this is a new one for me. I was working on my bathtub swap out project, which included replacing the shower valve and temporarily moving a baseboard hot water heater. About 1/2 way through, I opened a new bag of copper crimp rings (Sharkbite Brand). All of a sudden, the rings did...
  17. Weekend Handyman

    Sillcock connection question

    That is what they did. Lot of products give you the choice. Some shower valves are the same way.
  18. Weekend Handyman

    Soldering Question

    Well … decided to re-do it for $4.50. Did it in a vertical position (like I should have last time) … not the prettiest joint in the world but should work.
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