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  1. Jim Mills

    replacing lead bend

    Oops, that last drawing doesn't make any sense. That is not a lead San tee. I'm just wondering if I can tie in to the vertical 4" line like the drawing shows, and how close the the closet flange the side inlet can be? thanks!
  2. Jim Mills

    replacing lead bend

    How about plumbing as it originally was using a 4 X 4 x 2 sanitary tee?
  3. Jim Mills

    Radiator plumbing

    How about a shower head, Tom?
  4. Jim Mills

    replacing lead bend

    Sorry for the poor drawing. Need to replace this lead closet bend & lav drain without doing any demo to the tile floor. Existing lead line to lav is set on top of joists & burried in mud floor. I have two possible solutions. Red line represents wye off of cast for lav drain. Green...
  5. Jim Mills

    replacing verticle cast with pvc

    I have a 75 y/o 4" cast iron stack that services one bathroom group that needs help. The stack measures 24' from basement floor up through roof. I would like to cut the cast & replace the bottom 8', replacing the san tee & lead closet bend, and re configure the tub & lav drains, eliminating...
  6. Jim Mills

    Strange Drain Pipe Problem

    Leave ceiling open and start using the bath again. Monitor daily until you find the leak. I have seen leaks dry up & "seal" themselves temporarily before.
  7. Jim Mills

    Question about drainage slope

    2" miinimum (1/4" per foot)
  8. Jim Mills

    All plumbing just replaced... a few issues happening now... :(

    Yeah, with an electric water heater, the setting is less likely to be tampered with by the plumbers, and your turning it down DEFINITELY wont make your water hotter. It's old enough that just "disturbing" it by redoing the plumbing could cause an element to go bad. Maybe the electrical was...
  9. Jim Mills

    This is a GREAT forum -- deeply appreciated

    DIY'ers aren't the only ones that benefit here.....No one can know everything about everything, and reviewing & sharing info is good practice.
  10. Jim Mills

    basic diy sink drain fitting ?

    No pookey...just a tailpiece washer.
  11. Jim Mills

    All plumbing just replaced... a few issues happening now... :(

    Did the hot water heater get turned down? I will admit that I have turned a water heater down before to keep it from firing while working on it and "forgot" to turn it back up before I left. go see what it is set at & report back. Oops...I'm assuming you have a gas fired water heater. If you...
  12. Jim Mills

    Water Main Pressure Reducing Valve Clarification Please

    Actually there is a BIG difference in flow between different valves of the same fitting size. The U5B is typically my go to residential valve, but with PRV's, one size doesnt fit all. There is lots of info & charts on Watts website on how to pick a valve. Also, call their customer help line...
  13. Jim Mills

    Torch with swirl tip worth the extra money?

    Depends on what "worth it" means. How much soldering do you do, and do you do bigger than typical 1/2 & 3/4" stuff? Either of those tips pictured will get the job done. A swirl tip will be faster if that is important. When I switched to a hotter torch & map gas, I remember there being a...
  14. Jim Mills

    Question about drainage slope

    Don't go over 90 degrees! :p
  15. Jim Mills

    Help with PVC to CI connection

    not sure you can "caulk" into a broken fitting. Looks like a pretty simple fix to me.
  16. Jim Mills

    Water Pressure Reducing Regulators

    Biggest complaint I see, besides squeeking from those "cheaper" valves, is reduced flow. The u5b is a great valve, and has a much higher flow rate. It's my go to valve for most residential installs.
  17. Jim Mills

    Ticking/tapping noise PEX baseboard lines

    I get that all the time. "I hear water dripping in my wall". Tic tic tic...
  18. Jim Mills

    Help with PVC to CI connection

    Do the job once...replace the fitting.
  19. Jim Mills

    Double kitchen sink drain problem

    The baffle Tee that I am referring to is what Cacher_chick referres to as a "center outlet" tee in the above post. Not a Schedule 40, but the polyethylene ones that come in the typical slip joint kitchen drain kits. The ones I have seen create a severe restriction, and something as small as a...
  20. Jim Mills

    Humidifier water hammer

    I'm with Donl on this one. I don't have a lot of faith in those mini arrestors. Just turn the water down.
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