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  1. SYakoban

    Supply Line for Planning a Drip Irrigation System???

    We have about 170 feet of gardens in our backyard that I want to add drip irrigation to. One day we may add lawn sprinklers as well, but I'm not focused on that at the moment. I'm putting a trench in for underground wiring that runs out to the main garden right now and want to rough-in the...
  2. SYakoban

    Cast Iron to PVC???

    @Michael Young - good explanation - thank you. I think you're saying that I need the SV SERVICE SEAL GASKET plus an adapter. What is the adapter called? Also, in my cleanout, am I right that the threaded piece that the cap fits into is leaded into the fitting hub and that piece needs to be...
  3. SYakoban

    Cast Iron to PVC???

    So how does a PVS stub attach to a cast iron fitting with lead?
  4. SYakoban

    Cast Iron to PVC???

    Thanks Terry is there a name for the rubber insert?
  5. SYakoban

    Cast Iron to PVC???

    The cleanout cap threads are gone. The lead plug has to be hammered in each time. It looks to me like the threaded portion is set in the bell end with lead (not sure?). So is there a way to either remove that or somehow connect even with bad threads?
  6. SYakoban

    Cast Iron to PVC???

    Hi Guys, I want to fill in this waste pipe well in my basement by extending the cleanouts upwards to floor level with PVC and then filling the well with gravel and topping with concrete. If you look at the photo, the left of the photo shows the whole house vent, then there is a trap with two...
  7. SYakoban

    Need to modify bathroom piping before inspection

    We have a long remodel project including adding a full basement bath. We hired a pro to do the plumbing rough in including under slab and tying into existing piping. At the time, we didn't opt to add a slop sink outside the bath on a framed wall in the unfinished basement side, but want to now...
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