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  1. Trumptone

    CSV1A was underwater, will I have issues?

    My crawlspace completely flooded. This means my well pump, pressure switch, CSV1A, and such were underwater for a few days. I'm replacing the pressure switch and pressure gauge. Will I have any issues with the CSV1A? Do I need to do anything to it before I restart the system? I should add that...
  2. Trumptone

    Pump below water table

    I knew that, but still decided on this size pressure tank.
  3. Trumptone

    Pump below water table

    Here are my before pictures: Before 12-10-20.jpg?dl=0 Before 12-10-20.jpg?dl=0 Before 12-18-20.jpg?dl=0 After: After...
  4. Trumptone

    Pump below water table

    I went with valveman's suggestion. Turns out I don't have a working foot valve. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the system up and running. I had to add a check valve and cement/thread everything together. Thanks.
  5. Trumptone

    Pump below water table

    I might be able to borrow a compressor and buy/install the needed fittings. I guess I'd need an air gauge, but what pressure would show that the foot valve is working and the pressure isn't just due to the water level? Is that the only way, besides digging up the well? Should I just install a...
  6. Trumptone

    Pump below water table

    I'm replacing my jet pump, pressure tank, and all the associated fittings. I started taking stuff apart today. Upon cutting the pipe after the pump, there is a steady stream of water coming from the pump/well. I'm guessing that it is currently sitting below the water table. This stream is...
  7. Trumptone

    Having a hard water spigot and a soft water spigot? Am I Crazy?

    I'm replacing my jet pump, pressure tank, and all the associated fittings. I was planning to replumb my hose spigots before my water softener. I then got to reading about wanting soft water for washing vehicles or pressure washing. Am I crazy for thinking about adding spigots, and having a hard...
  8. Trumptone


    I have a Goulds JS05H 1/2 HP Jet Pump and a Wel-X-Trol WX-202 pressure tank. I recently replaced my old 20/40 pressure switch with a 30/50 switch and upped the pressure tank to 28 psi. Since I did this, I've been getting a large amount of sediment in my filter. The pump and tank are pretty old...
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