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  1. DIYtry

    Compact Mini Split Wall Unit?

    Thanks. Not much room from side to side. The ideal wall to install the unit has windows with ~12" from window top to ceiling and ~36" from window to wall.
  2. DIYtry

    Compact Mini Split Wall Unit?

    Thank you! Would prefer a wall unit if possible as the cassettes will cost a lot more for unit and installation...
  3. DIYtry

    Compact Mini Split Wall Unit?

    Looking to put a single zone 24K BTU mini-split indoor wall unit in a tight space. What would be the most compact and/or can be installed closest to the ceiling/wall? I have been trying to compare specs from Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Fujitsu, but would appreciate recommendations. Thanks!
  4. DIYtry

    Bathroom sink faucet leaking and stuck in place

    Hi there, Have an old bathroom sink faucet that is leaking. Thought was a quick replacement but thought wrong--the (hard to reach) bolts attaching the faucet to the sink are stuck as well as the drain (which also needs replacement) even after blasting with PB Blaster. Also, currently, there are...
  5. DIYtry

    Toto Nexus or Legato?

    Thanks again Terry. On a different note, what is your opinion on the slim softclose seat (I believe it is the SS234). Looks nice in pics, but is it better?
  6. DIYtry

    Toto Nexus or Legato?

    Also thinking Nexus vs. Legato... any help on the above? Aesthetically prefer Nexus because the side is completely smooth while the Legato has the plate cover...
  7. DIYtry

    Toto Nexus 1GPF vs. 1.28GPF

    Thanks, Terry. So you would not say that the 1G is more prone to clogging?
  8. DIYtry

    Toto Nexus 1GPF vs. 1.28GPF

    How does the 1GPF compare with the 1.28GPF? Any issues with less water? Honestly, I am a bit nervous to get the 1GPF...but apparently would have to wait a bit to get ahold of the 1.28 version.
  9. DIYtry

    What pipe extension do I need for lav drain?

    NooB here I need to replace a leaking copper waste arm under a double sink. Could I replace it with PVC pipe and connect to copper pipe (similar to the above pic) ? Do I use PVC flange to PVC and copper to copper? I think it is simple question but have not found a straight forward answer...
  10. DIYtry

    P-Trap to Wall Stub Help

    Hey! NooB here... Trying to replace a broken p trap... the wall stub has threads inside...previously was a adapter (which broke upon removal). Not finding the same part readily available (I.e. in Home Depot). Any suggestions? Thanks! p
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