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  1. Wet_Boots

    Advice on locating Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly in my Basement

    Forget basement installs. Forget indoor RPZ installs of any sort, unless you have a utility room with a floor drain that can handle thousands of gallons of water per hour.
  2. Wet_Boots

    Backfeeding question

    Couldn't individual key items be fed through pull-out disconnect boxes? Have a tie-in point for an extension cord between the disconnect box and the item.
  3. Wet_Boots

    Will water hammer wreck jet pump?

    Always suspect a suction leak as a cause for the pump losing its prime. If your galvanized tank gets completely waterlogged, then you can deadhead the pump with a bang. Every other component in the system should be checked or replaced. Pressure switch. Relief valve. Foot valve or other...
  4. Wet_Boots

    Well pump issues

    Ooh, those I like. Thanks for putting a name on them.
  5. Wet_Boots

    What are the trade-offs in setting pump pressure?

    Strictly on a dollars-per-gallon basis, you go with lower pressures and make do with it. For as much as I liked the effect of steamy hot water blowing from a shower head of 50 years ago with 90 psi behind it, a massaging shower head of today works on half the pressure and half the flow...
  6. Wet_Boots

    Huge water bill - need help

    Work on your reading comprehension. Try to understand the Florida poster's use of an antisyphon valve as a master valve to feed multiple downstream valves is a complete and utter fail. California does it all ASVs - one for each zone, and no valve of any sort is ever found downstream of a...
  7. Wet_Boots

    Huge water bill - need help

    No No No !! Please do not post incorrect information. Drinking water quality is at stake. There is nowhere on our planet where an antisyphon valve of any style or construction is code-approved to feed downstream zone valves. Such construction is an absolute fail. Any atmospheric vacuum...
  8. Wet_Boots

    What are the trade-offs in setting pump pressure?

    You will only blow the pressure relief valve if you hold the switch contacts closed. My trade is the one most responsible for the switch settings needing to be increased, and we regularly go beyond 40-60, and approach 50-70, because we need to see good pressures in our sprinkler systems, even...
  9. Wet_Boots

    Huge water bill - need help

    The plastic ball valve close to the ground isn't quite shut off. In any event, Your sprinkler system does not have an acceptable backflow preventer, so you want to take care of that as part of the repair process. A one-size-fits-all solution starts with removing what you call the "Lawn Genie"...
  10. Wet_Boots

    Stump Removal

    the nice people at DuPont published a book that taught you how to use their products to solve all manner of problems on your property :) tree stump bothering you? - not for long
  11. Wet_Boots

    Choosing Electric Space Heater for Emergency.

    speaking of high-temperature line cords, is it no longer possible to get some heater line cord (HPN) cut to length at a hardware store - I haven't seen any offered that way for years and years
  12. Wet_Boots

    Choosing Electric Space Heater for Emergency.

    It is kinda interesting/significant that these things seem to max out at 1500 watts, which is just a hair away from 80 percent of a 15 amp load.
  13. Wet_Boots

    Choosing Electric Space Heater for Emergency.

    the Pelonis Disc Heaters were always touted for their safety, being that their thermistor heating elements never got fire-starting hot
  14. Wet_Boots

    Sprinkler System Backflow Preventer

    time to take some photos of the system plumbing and post them
  15. Wet_Boots

    Packing for 80 year old faucet

    I don't think I ever saw any old sillcock that couldn't be put right with some stem packing and a washer for the seat and, if needed, a new metal washer to support the stem packing. I was obliged to learn about them because they were sometimes utilized to supply a sprinkler system, and they had...
  16. Wet_Boots

    Packing for 80 year old faucet

    It sometimes is necessary to replace the metal washer underneath the packing, or else it can't be compressed to make a seal.
  17. Wet_Boots

    Weeping Solder Joint

    The last time I fixed a solder joint without using flux, I wasn't exactly proud about it.
  18. Wet_Boots

    constant air in plumbing after submersible pump change

    I was thinking if the well survived before, without the plug, it could continue to do so today, assuming any escaping water has somewhere to go.
  19. Wet_Boots

    Vibration and knocking / shaking from submersible well pump system

    I was thinking in terms of whether a 40 psi spread was beyond normal limits, which would make a rusted-up galvanized nipple to the switch a suspect. I've encountered those before, and they made for a shut-off pressure that was above what the switch was actually set for.
  20. Wet_Boots

    Beginning bathroom remodel

    I think we can extend gratitude to Europe for "running interference" on the question of PEX reliability.
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