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    Adding Vent to Laundry Standpipe

    Update, I had finished the main repair work on this standpipe weeks ago but just got around to making brackets for the pipes to complete it. Turns out the trap wasn't blocked so much as it was rotted out at the bottom such that my snake got stuck in the rotted out section rather than turning...
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    Adding Vent to Laundry Standpipe

    Sorry it took so long. The PVC standpipe you see is a temporary measure I took to try to get better leverage on the power snake before giving up on cleaning out the subgrade trap. I figured that the floor was going to get busted up soon enough anyway to make a permanent fix so I cut the...
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    Adding Vent to Laundry Standpipe

    I'll get to taking pics ASAP, maybe tonight.
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    Washer Standpipe Redo

    I'm not a plumber and have a standpipe related question on this forum, so I'm just replying with food for thought, not pro advice. Per UPC code which seems more restrictive than IPC and goes into more detail, the trap weir must be 6" - 18" above finished floor. The weir is the point in the...
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    Adding Vent to Laundry Standpipe

    Hi, I have a restricted trap below my laundry standpipe that can no longer handle the spin cycle output of my washing machine. It is the original installation from 1962; a 2" cast iron pipe goes below the concrete floor to a buried trap. Several times over the last 15 years I was able to...
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    DUPLICATE Adding Vent to Laundry Standpipe

    Sorry, when I posted this the first time it didn't show up so I thought I had done something wrong. I had the text in a notepad so I copied/pasted it into a second attempt post. Then I saw a blurb that appeared on screen about the post needing to be verified before it goes live. I didn't see...
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