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  1. Justwater

    Need well advice

    just residential use? the 2 pipe jet and tailpipe setup should work, when it levels off it will just pump as much water as the well makes. no deeper than you are pulling water from, i'd personally use a 2-pipe 4" well seal with single stage goulds either j5 (1/2hp) or j10 (1hp) horizontal pump...
  2. Justwater

    2 inch deep well advice/help

    thats the main reason deepwell pvc drop isn't preferred in steel wells. sometimes just messing with it can get the check valve working. push down some (beat it with something if you need to) and pour water down and around to see if it holds. if so hook it up and let it rock... if not cross...
  3. Justwater

    Well short cycling after repriming.

    while there may be a tank issue, doesnt explain the loss of prime. sounds like a bad check valve or foot valve.
  4. Justwater

    Low water pressure, and new pressure tank needed

    run some water and start bypassing control valves 1 at a time to see which one (or any or all) is the big restrictor. depending on water quality it might be time for them to be serviced.
  5. Justwater

    Question about WellMate pressure tank

    when power is off and tank is drained, open a faucet and use a compressor to pump it up to whatever you need. then shake the tank, if its empty you are ok. turn power back on and close faucet.
  6. Justwater

    Well pump electrical short?

    next time it happens.. before you wiggle the wire, pull out a volt meter. check the power wires going into switch then check wires going to motor so you will know if the problem is to switch or from switch to motor.
  7. Justwater

    Ground collapse/sinkhole around well casing

    Back then rotary rigs were just catching on, didn't have grouting laws etc. probably just caved in over time. I wouldn't waste my money on a ton of hole plug. I'd dump a few bags in and fill the rest with fill dirt. jmo
  8. Justwater

    Best Pump? Torque Arrestors or Not? PVC vs Galvanized? I Need Some EXPERT Advice!

    you don't need to worry about a csv if there is no tank, pressure switch, etc. its just a pump in a well periodically filling a holding tank. for this application, i see no difference whether there is no check valve or multiple check valves.. other than the cost.
  9. Justwater

    Best Pump? Torque Arrestors or Not? PVC vs Galvanized? I Need Some EXPERT Advice!

    from what you have said, i would go with pvc, no torque arrestors (ever), and only the one check valve thats built in the pump. personally i would replace 30yr old wire. being as its only filling a cistern, i agree with you that less water and longer run times is the way to go. likely 1/2 or...
  10. Justwater

    Whether to use a booster?

    you're looking for what looks like a submersible pump end attached to a jet pump motor. something like this.. i think i have 4-5 of the 10gpm 1/2hp berkeleys sitting in my shop collecting dust.
  11. Justwater

    i have kids need help

    is it pvc well casing? gpm depends on how much water the well makes.. cycle time also depends on well/pump production and tank size. but yes a mse7 should pump much more than 4-5gpm if the well will give it, especially with a 16' water level. the pressure regulator can/will restrict flow as...
  12. Justwater

    New Home construction dilema: 2 wells 1 very good 1 bad

    I've never heard of having too much pressure on the casing either. Got lots of wells with 600+' of PVC in them. Think that might be one of those "if u can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bs" things. If one is using a storage tank, extra pump, with a well on limited production...
  13. Justwater

    Appreciate advice on replacing bacteria filled aerator

    my setup is pretty much what you are looking into. aerators are common around here, and they suck.. as u have learned. i haven't pushed them for years. personally i wouldn't use bleach, or any other chemicals to keep up with. i'd use one of the filters that injects air. water-right makes...
  14. Justwater

    Nashville NGWA convention

    we almost set it up, coulda had free passes to show and all. i been spending too much money though.. didn't follow through. probably a good thing from what i'm overhearing about christmas shopping.
  15. Justwater

    Gould J10S w/ Cracked Cast Iron Parts and Other Problems

    like wetboots said, J10 is top of the line but nothing cast iron and full of water is gonna stand up to a freeze. did you call around to any drillers/installers to see what they had laying around? i know ive got a couple used pump ends for that motor, good chance some others closer to you do...
  16. Justwater

    New to wells and already want my own rig...

    several things are required for licensing but minimum 2 yrs drilling experience is key. forget that suitcase rig, just ride northeast a little and i'll give you a 2 yr internship.. as a courtesy from one eager 29yr old to another. tons of work, nothing ever breaks, holes always stay open, and...
  17. Justwater

    Pump/driven well question

    no need for shutoff on a shallow pump discharge as the pump should not cavitate.. doesnt need backpressure like a deewell jet pump. it will pull whatever water the well will allow with water level holding no lower than the ~25' mark. i do agree that the deepwell jet pump could likely...
  18. Justwater

    Pump/driven well question

    if you want to try the shallow setup... casing being 2" and 40+ feet is nice, just drop 30' of 1-1/4" pvc down the well with foot valve on bottom, plumb it into the pump. i would recommend a quality pump, dont go with a plastic cheapo. shallow pumps cant pull water deeper than 25, so it will...
  19. Justwater

    Sealing pump wires in artesian well?

    i've also done the epoxy thing a few times. i usually just get a couple feet of wire and completely epoxy it into a 3/4 nipple say 6" long overnight. then tighten the nipple into the seal, heat shrink the wires under it. tighten the seal up and should be good to go.
  20. Justwater

    Mounting a Vertical Pressure Tank Horizontally.

    xlr8tion, if i were a man of your convictions, and especially your means... i might hire the so called low lifes to do the work in hopes that i could make an impact (in a good way), and maybe even get the opportunity to lead them to Christ. how awesome would that be? wouldnt even have to...
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