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  1. Tenderpaw

    Culligan Softener Installed by Previous Owner- Not familiar with and need manuals

    My son just bought a house that was built in 2018 and their is a culligan softener in the garage. The salt tank was almost empty, so i put a bag in so it wouldn't run out, but no manuals were left for the machine. In addition, the sticker on the softener has a date of 2005 (?) on it? How can...
  2. Tenderpaw

    Moving from R22 to R410--Flush Lines?

    I'm having a whole system change out and my old system is R22 and the new one is R410. They are reusing the refridgerant lines as they are built into the wall of the house and i'm getting conflicting stories on the need to flush. One contractor made a big deal about their 3 step flushing...
  3. Tenderpaw

    Overhauled Delta 600 Shower Valve and Still Leaks

    This post inspired me to check for trash. So i took it apart, cleaned everything, regreased, and put it back together and it seems to be fixed. I didn't find any trash, but maybe it was small or maybe everything seated better the second time around. Anyway, thanks for the help. Dave
  4. Tenderpaw

    Overhauled Delta 600 Shower Valve and Still Leaks

    I have a shower with a Delta 600 series valve that was installed when the house was built in 1999. This is the one that has a big chrome nut that screws on and hold the ball and seals in. It has been leaking at the valve stem for a while so after reading some threads here and having a plumber...
  5. Tenderpaw

    New Thermostat Short Cycling A/C

    Thanks for the program advice. I'm running the old stat temporarily but will put the new one back this weekend. Regarding settings, I'm fairly certain it was set for the following: Single stage cooling Dehumidification off Smooth set recovery off Running in cool only mode No outdoor sensor 5...
  6. Tenderpaw

    New Thermostat Short Cycling A/C

    Thanks for your help. I'm going to put your analysis in my file for when I do replace the systems!
  7. Tenderpaw

    New Thermostat Short Cycling A/C

    Thanks for that analysis. Since my system is still reliable despite its age, I'd like to delay replacement as long as possible. Based on the system size and how both stats are performing, what would you recommend I do? Set a 3 degree temp swing in the setup program and set the temp 1-2 degrees...
  8. Tenderpaw

    New Thermostat Short Cycling A/C

    The house is a story and 1/2 with 1900 sq ft downstairs and 1000 sq ft upstairs. This is the downstairs unit I'm dealing with and they told me when i built the house that they installed a 4 ton unit downstairs and a 3 ton upstairs. The upstairs does NOT have short cycles. The model number on...
  9. Tenderpaw

    New Thermostat Short Cycling A/C

    I have a Bryant single stage heat pump with electric back up heat installed when my house was built in 1999. My thermostat from the beginning was a Honeywell Chronotherm programable that my wife has always hated because she is to short to read it. Last weekend i installed a Lennox CS 7500...
  10. Tenderpaw

    Toto Vespa Water Area Has Turned Yellow

    The water area of my Toto Vespa with CEFIONTECT has turned light yellow. I have scrubbed it with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner several times and it will not clean up. Any suggestions that won't damage the CEFIONTECT? What could cause this? Thanks, Dave
  11. Tenderpaw

    Single Lever Shower Valve Ultra sensitive and difficult to adjust temperature

    Is there anything i can do to fix the present faucet? Could the cartridge be the problem? Thanks.
  12. Tenderpaw

    Single Lever Shower Valve Ultra sensitive and difficult to adjust temperature

    I was afraid of that! But that is what the plumber put in. So is the answer the valve is just a piece of Chinese made &^%&^%? Dave
  13. Tenderpaw

    Single Lever Shower Valve Ultra sensitive and difficult to adjust temperature

    My dad had the shower re-done and they replaced the single lever water valve with a B&K single lever valve. Now it is very difficult to get the water temp right. Move it slightly one way and its too HOT and the slightly the other way and its too COLD. What can we do to fix besides replacing...
  14. Tenderpaw

    Slow Sink Drain

    I've got dual sinks in my master bath. One of them drains fine but the other has gotten slower and slower over the 10 years i have been in the house. I took apart and cleaned the traps on both sinks and then re-assembled. On the problem sink, it was even slower than before after i cleaned it...
  15. Tenderpaw

    Recommend an Electric Water Heater

    My dad needs to replace his electric water heater. He currently has a Sears 6 year model that is about 12 years old. He is leaning toward a GE because I currently have a GE in my house that is about 5 years old in my house and it has been trouble free. I previously had a Sears Survivor unit...
  16. Tenderpaw

    Recommend a Kitchen Drain and Strainer

    Hi, I need to replace the drains and strainers in my stainless kitchen sink and need a recommendation from the experts. I'd like something where the strainer/stopper works reliably and is easy to clean. I saw a Kohler drain and strainer at the orange big box store that had an o-ring seal on...
  17. Tenderpaw

    Odd G-Max Fill Valve behavior

    My power was just restored after a week of darkness following Hurricane Ike. Since I'm on a well, i've been flushing my Toto Vespa by pouring a bucket of water into the tank. Now that the well is working again, the toilet flushes normally but there is about a 5 second delay before you hear the...
  18. Tenderpaw

    Algae or slime in the water

    I have not had the water tested since i had the well put in. I should add that i had a problem with water logging due to a defective air shraeder valve. I noticed this problem after that service call but not immediately afterwards. Dave
  19. Tenderpaw

    Algae or slime in the water

    The thing is, none of my plastic pipe is exposed to the sun. It is all insulated or covered in some way. Any other ideas? Thanks. Dave
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