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  1. mosley

    PEX Under Outdoor Deck

    Thank you all. I have a 1" black flexible hose running under my deck for a sprinkler zone I am not using. Can I "T" off that? It will mainly be used for watering plants and grass, but can that be used for drinking water as well?
  2. mosley

    PEX Under Outdoor Deck

    Can I run this PEX from my basement, outside, under my deck, to a hose bib? Does it need to be run in conduit, to protect from sunlight, even though it is under my deck? Are there any issues with contact to pool water? Is a backflow preventer and/or a vaccuum breaker needed? I understand that I...
  3. mosley

    Wire Color in Conduit

    Does the NEC Code restrict the color of the insulation on wire within conduit? Can I run three black #8 wires thru conduit and tape the ends of one wire RED for hot and another GREEN for ground?
  4. mosley

    Pool Filter and Heater NEC Questions

    Thank you HJ. With regards to the Romex, by protection are you referring to GFCI protection? Can you explain why a 35A-60A is required although the heater specs call for a 60A maximum fuse size? And what gauge wire is then required? The heater will be hard wired. Bonding - #8 solid copper...
  5. mosley

    Pool Filter and Heater NEC Questions

    For an above ground pool: 1) How far can the heater and filter be placed from the pool? Article 680.12 states "...Each means shall be readily accessible and within sight from its equipment and shall be located at least 5 ft horizontally from the inside walls of a pool..." If I am reading this...
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