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  1. SeePlanet

    New Toto Toilet goes "bang"

    I saw a couple of other posts on this behavior, but curious about what the solution might be. I recently installed a new Toto toilet. Everything is running fine and has been for a number of months, but ever since the beginning when the water tank finished filling up, there has always been a...
  2. SeePlanet

    Replace Toilet with 15" Rough In

    Thank you @jadnashua and @Reach4 for the input! It sounds like if I wanted to have the distance between the toilet and the wall to be minimal, finding a toilet that is unifit compatible is the way to go. With that said, I also am an owner of the S550e washlet and would like to install it on a...
  3. SeePlanet

    Replace Toilet with 15" Rough In

    Thanks @Terry for the reply. Can you help me understand how you got to 3.5". Additionally, if that gap was too large, is that where another toilet with the unifit adapter would work? Which one would you choose to keep the 2" or limit that gap as much as possible? Thank you sir! Update: After...
  4. SeePlanet

    Replace Toilet with 15" Rough In

    I spent a good time looking at all of the posts here and have learned a lot about rough in's and toilets. I was hoping that I could get a little guidance on my particular situation so that I can be as prepared as possible and not make ordering mistakes. I am looking to replace the toilet below...
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