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  1. ImOld

    Gap between shower metal frame and tiled wall

    Don't even think of bending that frame. Your problem is bad enough. There is a multitude of plastic, metal, ceramic corner material along with caulking that can be used. It's up to you as to how good it will look when you're done. Look on the internet or visit a big box stores to get a feel for...
  2. ImOld

    Adjusting 15 year old black steel gas pipe

    Boeing did their own 'homeowner' inspections and two 727 airplanes and 600 people were destroyed. No more 'homeowner' inspections for Boeing. Condo owner did their own inspection...
  3. ImOld

    Adjusting 15 year old black steel gas pipe

    This should be a site signature. I would hazard a guess that close to 100% of the projects presented on this site have town, county or state legal requirements for a permit and inspection for all or a portion of the job. People have closed their minds on the legalities. They all have convinced...
  4. ImOld

    Adjusting 15 year old black steel gas pipe

    Being in a townhome implies there are other attached residences. I'm having a tough time picturing where everything is as well as the 1/8 turn. How about a picture or two.
  5. ImOld

    Bathroom shower install

    Are you a masochist? Do you want to make mountain out of a molehill? Need to learn exotic plumbing techniques? Did your education include a course taught by an instructer named Rube Goldberg? Just frame it to what you require!
  6. ImOld

    240 volt electric heater low power

    How about a link or info on this heater. Is it hard wired or did you install a receptacle or use one already installed. 248 volts is well within tolerances. Where is it mounted? As already mentioned, large space heaters come with output settings. Could be a mis-wire. Remember, this is two hot...
  7. ImOld

    Delta shower handle

    Has anyone seen this happen before? I never have and this is about a commom model there is. It looks like the setscrew has gone completely through and is sitting in-between the handle and the valve shaft. As far as anyone knows, it was OK for a year and not loose untill now. It doesn't seem to...
  8. ImOld

    Can this drip be stopped?

    Please clarify that the "valve" you mentioned is where the hot/cold control is or are there faucets elsewhere. Where do you perceive the "stored water" to be?
  9. ImOld

    Shower Diverter keeps breaking

    Since I worked for my grandfather the plumber when I was in HS, let me translate this from plumber speak. It's a matter of water pressure. May I suggest replacing that style of spout with this most famous of all.
  10. ImOld

    Bathtub overflow repair

    You must be the owner of the apt or why would you care about a problem that doesn't come into play in the normal usage of a bathtub. Nice project for a cold winters weekend. Take your time in removal and cleanup, pop on the new and it will probably look too good.
  11. ImOld

    American Standard Cadet 3 w/ Cracks

    What I see are factory defects that they covered up with a ton of glaze. As always with obvious factory defects: Return!
  12. ImOld

    Any possible way to add a shower to 1/2 bath in condo?

    This is the exact question you should put to the condo association as a first step.
  13. ImOld

    Laminate floor on stairs

    Nothing magical here. It now becomes gluing the laminate in place rather than have it floating. Same with the nosing: Vinyl, wood, metal. Considering the huge range of laminates available, wear and slipperiness are something you need to consider at the place of purchase. I've installed...
  14. ImOld

    New construction basement toilet plumbing not flowing

    New house. Unused drain. What's the chances it's filled with just about anything. Snake it out first and then worry about venting.
  15. ImOld

    Water leaking behind wall

    So, only turning on hot water causes water to leak in the ceiling. Cold has no effect. Can we assume the install is back to back in the same wall? You have turned on one shower, observed a leak and waited an hour or two before trying the other. Is this correct? If not, the leak could just be...
  16. ImOld

    Sewer odor

    What does that mean? Do you have a septic system?
  17. ImOld

    Correct diameter for bathroom fan outlet duct & vent itself?

    Sounds like there is some air restriction. Is there a flap on the air vent?
  18. ImOld

    Metal washer confusion

    And...that is why many tanks now come with the bolts pre-installed. Giving DIY's a bag full of hardware, even with pictorial instructions, is a lesson in human logic & ingenuity!
  19. ImOld

    Drain for 15th century sink with large hole.

    Where is this sink? What is it used for? Pop-up drain, flat open drain like a shower? The hole dimensions are just outside of standard sizes for pop-drains. Might make it on the 2" diameter but the hole depth is beyond the standard takeup depth. They do make pop-up drains for your dimensions...
  20. ImOld

    Removing Galvanized from Cast Iron . . . What are my odds of success?

    You need to remove every trace of galvanized in your home. End of story.
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