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  1. James23912

    Shark bite, please don’t cringe

    I was building a new house with almost t no plumbing knowledge and tight budget so I used them in connecting from my water tank to a filter to the water softener to the water heater and expansion tank. as well as attaching to the manifolds , that was four years ago with zero problems. those are...
  2. James23912

    can crimps be used on all types of PEX?

    I want to add a piece of hot water baseboard heat in an area that gets kind of cold, there is a line in the basement that runs close to where I want to do it so I would have to drain and cut the line in the cellar and attach new sections with 90s, making a kind of U shape, so I have used pex...
  3. James23912

    Need help half my circuits just went out

    so the electrician knew of a company that specializes in tracing lines, i would not have thought that existed, so last Monday we were waiting for the crew to come and the power co had to disconnect the line and one of the power company guys started tapping on the conduit coming down the pole, I...
  4. James23912

    Need help half my circuits just went out

    Hi all, thanks for the reply, so I had lived in a trailer which I got rid of and built a new house starting in Sept 2019, still working on it, but the underground service was from 1993, direct burial. The electrician tested a bunch of stuff and one leg at the meter is significantly lower than...
  5. James23912

    Need help half my circuits just went out

    Thanks, I don't think it's just recptacles, half the circuits are out. I got ahold of the guy who did my breaker box and he is coming in the morning, from what he said and what I have read it is something in the main incoming wires, I have it underground and my meter is on a post 100' from the...
  6. James23912

    Need help half my circuits just went out

    Hi I don't know what happened, half my circuits just went out, seems to be the 15 amps, breakers did not trip, they are the new type , surge protectors. I checked the refidgerator, which was out but the light inside was flickering, it works now off a 2o amp plug, this is crazy, any ideas please?
  7. James23912

    Need to connect some thick wires

    I am about to hook up an inductive cooktop and separate stove to my old 220 stove wire, I thought i could use wire connectors but the biggest ones i have, red ones, do not look big enough to hold all the wires, is there some type of connector I should get?
  8. James23912

    Wiring info needed for new separate oven and inductive cooktop

    I am replacing my electric stove with a separate oven and inductive cooktop, I have looked online for wiring help but do not see much, the existing wiring is pretty new and is 4 wire, one site says use the same breaker but use a junction box, I am not sure what that means exactly, the new items...
  9. James23912

    Laying hardwood floor in narrow hallway

    this is a remodeling page, right? so why are you even here, idiot
  10. James23912

    Laying hardwood floor in narrow hallway

    stick to plumbing. Standards do not tell you the distance the nailer covers between walls, geez!
  11. James23912

    Laying hardwood floor in narrow hallway

    Hi I am looking to install some 3/4" x 4" maple flooring in a hallway that is about 3' by 10', the boards will be running along the 10' stretch so I am not sure how to nail it down, it seems like a nailer won't be of much good given the 3' width so asking if it is worth renting one or just hand...
  12. James23912

    Question on pop up drain with overflow

    Hi Worth, thanks, There is in fact an overflow hole, it is in the front, not the back so I did not notic it. I have taken it apart and will try putting it back together better later today, what I don't get is where water would be coming from as it leaks directly under the sink, just a drip, but...
  13. James23912

    Question on pop up drain with overflow

    sprry, trying to edit or delete this but can't, problem not what I thought , sorry
  14. James23912

    Question on pop up drain with overflow

    So my wife's ongoing effort to make my life more difficult is doing fine, she got a bathroom faucet set a while ago and I finally set up a pedestal sink, everything seemed fine for a few days but today got a small drip from directly on the bottom/underside sink downspout where I put in a rubber...
  15. James23912

    Creating a PEX-A Manifold for Home Water Line

    I am no plumber but in my new house I used a Sioux Chief copper set up with pex, no problems so far, makes it much easier for a do it yourselfer
  16. James23912

    Undersink plumbing

    It looks like there is a removable panel in there, the darker boards , one notched under the pipe going into the wall? There are screws in it, like it could be taken out.
  17. James23912

    Kitchen Vent Options

    Could you run it along the attic floor to the smaller rear vent, giving a slight rise? Or using option 3, instead of going down, run it thru the roof near the peak on the back?
  18. James23912

    What Causes PEX Leaks

    I built a new house and hired a guy I was told was a plumber, he was a hack maintenance guy somewhere, before I fired him he had run a good deal of the pex for the hot water base board, then I got a real outfit to finish the heating and there were two leaks from the first guy, both in the second...
  19. James23912

    PEX supply line with copper stub outs

    I’m don’t have much experience but I did 3 sinks and 3 toilets using the shark bite connectors onto the copper stub outs, easy for me and no problems, may cost more
  20. James23912

    Need help to convert single switch light to a 3-way switch light

    Can you go down through the floor an up to a switch?
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