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  1. Chris

    Sewer smell from whole house filter

    String filters Gary: Our city water has a bit of a sediment and suspended mineral problem, although the chlorination level is fairly low (according to the pamphlet they just sent me in the mail). To the best of your knowledge, do string filters have the same bacterial problems as the...
  2. Chris

    Sewer smell from whole house filter

    Filter smell It sound like the filter is growing bacteria. The instructions for Omni Filters warn that this can happen; I don't know about other brands, but I remember that from the last one I installed. I think the fix is just to change the cartridge more often. Even chlorinated water has...
  3. Chris

    copper pipe discoloration

    green pipes It sounds like excess flux oxidizing the copper. If a wet rag won't take it off, it's probably an oil based flux. Try mineral spirits on a rag: that should get it off. I see it in a lot of houses, so I don't think its all that serious, but I could be wrong.
  4. Chris

    Bell joint

    Fernco makes a sleeve, or donut, that is explicitly designed to fit into the bell of cast iron pipe. You can then insert the plastic pipe directly into sleeve. They are a bit of a pain to install, especially the 4" ones, but the fit is nice and tight, IMX. A lot of dishwashing liquid as a...
  5. Chris

    PVC Pipe

    I have a newly installed 1-1/2" PVC vent line for my bathtub that I screwed up, to use the technical term. I was working on my back in a crawlspce, gluing the vent into a wye in the drain. My hand slipped, the glue setup, and now the think is crooked as heck. This normally wouldn't matter...
  6. Chris

    Bathtub waste and overflow

    Waste & overflow Arrgh...okay, now I get it. I read what you wrote last night, but I think it was too late at night for my brain to be working. I went and looked at it again this morning and all of a sudden what you said makes perfect sense. Thanks for the help. Lonny, thanks for the...
  7. Chris

    Bathtub waste and overflow

    Bathtub waste & overflow Thanks, hcj, for taking the time to answer my question. Your message posted while I was writing my previous reply to Lonny, hence this separate message. As I said in the previous post, it looks like what I really need is a non-beveled washer, assuming I can find such...
  8. Chris

    Bathtub waste and overflow

    Bathtub waste & overflow First of all, thank you, Lonny, for taking the time to answer my question. You've provided exactly the information I needed. Ah, Kemo-Sabi, that's what I thought. Looking at it again, I think I've figured out the problem. As luck would have it, the slope of the tub...
  9. Chris

    Supply sizing

    1/2" vs. 3/4" for bathrooms Isn't 1/2" better for the hot water line to the bathroom if there are only a tub and lavatory on the line? With 3/4" the waiting time for hot water to reach the bathroom can be substantially increased. Or is 1/2" too small to provide adequate flow? I know the UPC...
  10. Chris

    Bathtub waste and overflow

    I recently replaced the trap for my bathtub and after looking at the waste and overflow decided that it needed to be replaced also. I have a couple of (potentially stupid) questions. 1. Which way does the beveled washer on the overflow go? Does the fat side go up or down or does it vary based...
  11. Chris

    Dishwasher air gap vs. loop

    Thanks e-plumber and hcj for your cogent and helpful comments. You've given me exactly the information I need to make an intelligent desision. Air gaps are not required here by code but are commonly used; it's a matter of practice rather than code, so I can go either way. As far as the...
  12. Chris

    Dishwasher air gap vs. loop

    The discussion about the stinky dishwasher got me to wondering about the best way to reinstall my dishwasher. I pulled it out due to an incompetent electrical installation by the p/o of the house, but as long as it's out I figured I might as well check out the plumbing, too. The current setup...
  13. Chris

    Second story bathroom venting

    That's one very wet vent You've got two fixtures wet vented: the toilet and the lavatory (bathroom sink). I'm not a professional plumber, but I lived in a house with an almost identical setup, and the toilet had a tendency to siphon the trap for the shower when it was flushed, especially if it...
  14. Chris

    Adjustable P-Trap

    Slip joint vs. solvent trap Thanks, hcj, you make a good point about snaking from the tub. I ended up using all solvent welded PVC, including replacing the waste and overflow for the tub. I don't trust that thin plastic stuff that's the same size as tubular brass, which is what was in there...
  15. Chris

    Adjustable P-Trap

    Thanks Thanks, e-plumber and Lonny. e-plumber's picture is pretty close to what I've got, give or take an 1/8 bend. Lonny, thanks for the reassurance: it just looks so damn weird I got to wondering.
  16. Chris

    Adjustable P-Trap

    I am installing a new trap under my bathtub, using 2" PVC. The vent is in the valve wall for the tub, next to the waste and overflow. In order to get the required 4" minimum length trap arm, I have to angle the J-bend away from the san-tee, then set the outlet and trap arm at an angle, so the...
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