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  1. Sluggo

    Question on age of Amtrol expansion tanks

    I agree with you about "Yikes," but I just tested the tank and the bladder is still intact. Maybe it helps that the expansion tank pressure for the radiant heating system is specified as only 12 psi.
  2. Sluggo

    Question on age of Amtrol expansion tanks

    At my current house I have one expansion tank on my water heater, and another on the boiler system piping for my radiant heat. I'd like to replace them when they get "old," but I don't know how to read the date codes on the tanks. I've Googled this subject with no luck, so I thought I'd try...
  3. Sluggo

    AAV in Bellevue? (moving kitchen sink during remodel)

    Call the plumbing permits folks and ask....
  4. Sluggo

    Legless water heater on linoleum concern

    It's not an issue. I had the same installation in my home and there was no problem. Quit worrying about it.
  5. Sluggo

    Trying to uninstall kitchen faucet

    That looks pretty corroded, but you'll have to get that nut off to remove the faucet. First, spray it once or twice with a product like PB Blaster (a penetrating oil) which may loosen things up for you. I also suspect that you may not have much leverage in that tight space to work a wrench, so I...
  6. Sluggo

    Matching Trim w/ Installed Valve (HELP!!)

    In my experience (non-plumber with lots of plumbing experience), you can't just expect to swap out trims, even if from the same manufacturer. Different trims often require different setbacks of the valve; this can be in a narrow range, and a new trim might not be compatible with where the old...
  7. Sluggo

    Plastic piece stuck on pipe- trying to change tub spout

    If you can slide it back and forth on the copper pipe, but not get it completely off, the pipe may have a slight protrusion at the point where it is stopping, like a trace of solder or some surface corrosion or mineral deposits. It wouldn't take much to keep a tight fitting piece of plastic...
  8. Sluggo

    Poll: Should hj post his picture on the site?

    From what I can tell, he's too modest to post his own picture, so here is one of him that I found on the Internet:
  9. Sluggo

    Minor? Scratch on PEX Supply Line

    To me it looks like a minor scuff and I don't see how that would affect the integrity of the PEX in any way, now or in the future.
  10. Sluggo

    Schluter linear drain - water flow question

    That type of drain has more drainage area in total around the edges than standard drains. I have essentially the same drain design and size in my master bath, and two shower heads, and it's fine. I'm curious why you would worry that a company like Schluter would offer linear drains that aren't...
  11. Sluggo

    Help adjusting shower water temperature

    The valve looks pretty new. If there was some way to ID the manufacturer you could find out if there was a way to adjust the mixing settings. You can typically replace the innards if you know who made it. Otherwise, if you wanted to replace it, you would need to cut the piping and sweat solder...
  12. Sluggo

    Help adjusting shower water temperature

    Could be due to several factors. In addition to the issue of uninsulated pipes in a hot environment, the water heater may be set too high. Also, you might not be able to adjust the settings (if any) on the mixing valve if the valve is malfunctioning. How long have you lived in this place...
  13. Sluggo

    Looking to install a PRV

    1. I wouldn't go to the trouble of installing a bypass as you have shutoff valves, and it doesn't take much work to replace a PRV, especially if you have unions installed. Rebuild kits are also available, also don't take much time, and can be done with the PRV in place if you have clearance to...
  14. Sluggo

    Issue with old water heater

    Yes...that was what I was trying to say :-) Thanks.
  15. Sluggo

    Issue with old water heater

    Ok...I went to shut off the water supply to the heater and I noticed a little puddle of water on top of the water heater by the cold fitting, and then I realized that there was a little leak coming out of the threads at the end of the flex connector, so it's not actually the water heater...
  16. Sluggo

    Issue with old water heater

    Thanks. I'll keep a close eye on it and maybe shut it down if I'm away from the house for more than the day. I can't tell exactly where it's coming from as it is so slow and not dripping...more slowly oozing somewhere from the underside and not likely from a fitting.
  17. Sluggo

    Issue with old water heater

    The gas-fired water heater for my home needs to be replaced. It has started a small, oozing drip from the bottom in a location where it can't do any damage at that low rate (concrete floor in basement). For reasons too complicated to explain, I can't get a new one installed for a couple of...
  18. Sluggo

    Need advice on replacing toilet flange

    My neighbor asked me to help him because he was getting water damage to the ceiling beneath an upstairs bathroom. I cut out some sheetrock and could see a couple of ounces of water run down the outside of the toilet drain when the toilet was flushed. I pulled the toilet and found that the ABS...
  19. Sluggo

    Calculations for tankless water heater gas supply

    Thanks for another helpful response.
  20. Sluggo

    Calculations for tankless water heater gas supply

    Thanks. I suspected it was in that ballpark, but I saw various tables that used different pressures drops and I wasn't certain what was what. This also tells me that the current demand I have now - 170K Btu/hr - is pushing it already! It looks like if I had 1-1/4" all the way, I wouldn't have...
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