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  1. Sulconst2

    Drywall finishing on steel studs

    mark, good tip on the punch. won't forget that!
  2. Sulconst2

    Drywall finishing on steel studs

    i do maybe 1/2 of my basements with metal studs. they are light, straight and dont wick water. i guess its just something different. the price has really gone up. the thicker guage are more expensive than lumber! i remember when metal was 1/2 the price of wood. but then you need the greenlee...
  3. Sulconst2

    Drywall finishing on steel studs

    i use regular nail on boxes but swap out the nails for fine threaded screws. that way no bump out on the rock. nothing worse than spackling around a bunch of boxes with damaged rock.
  4. Sulconst2

    Tiling a greenboard ceiling in steam room

    hello all, one thing about the ceiling in a steam shower is it should be pitched or the condensation from the steam will drip like rain. uncomfortable in a relaxing setting. i like using hardi-board instead of wonderboard. same properties but easier to work with. the kerdi i believe makes a...
  5. Sulconst2

    tiled roman tub mess

    my mistake!
  6. Sulconst2

    tiled roman tub mess

    chances of dropping another tub into the same cut-out with the same depth are pretty slim. unless you get the same tub. being its 25 years old doesnt sound like an option. also you say its been leaking for a while? when you pull that tub it won't be pretty underneath. if the tubs worth saving...
  7. Sulconst2

    Shower valve with separate diverter valve question

    why not keep the transfer valve at 1/2" its a 3 way but can be used as 2
  8. Sulconst2

    Thermostat Emergency!

    sounds like electric baseboard. 110 or 220. get a tester and check the feed/s.
  9. Sulconst2

    Venting a double vanity

    if this is on the second floor why not run a vent from each sink into the attic and attach to vtr?
  10. Sulconst2

    easy way to remove tape from trim & base boards

    try a heat gun or a blow dryer
  11. Sulconst2

    Cutting Pipe in Shower Base

    maybe i'm missng something her. shouldn't he install the drain to the pan, slide the pan over the pipe, install the rubber bushing, then cut the pipe?
  12. Sulconst2

    Shower Door track

    maybe some heat and some fishing line?
  13. Sulconst2

    Can I vent my exhaust fan into a joist bay?? No moisture...

    here's a thought. how about doing a wall mount fan and dropping the exhaust down to the basement then out the back?
  14. Sulconst2

    LASIK eye surgery

    my wife had it done about 6 months ago. took about the same time as a dentist visit. first noticeable thing she realized was being able to see the clock when she first woke up. nice upgrade for such a short treatment. only thing is its considered elective so wasn't covered under insurance. and...
  15. Sulconst2

    Drop-in Whirlpool Tub install

    you should try to hold off on the trap till tub is installed. gives more wiggle room. if you dont have access then just plan correctly. git er done!
  16. Sulconst2

    Is "optional mortar bed" necessary?

    either way it should be installed level. i've seen guys stick wooden shims in. it works but for how long. flip a coin its your house! my house all pans and tubs are set in mud. its an easy way to get it level and have support under most of it. install it already so we can move on to your shower...
  17. Sulconst2

    Attach faucet directly to granite counter?

    wondering why there would be plywood under granite. if this is a kitchen then the granite should have been installed directly on the cabinets. if you have a blind corner then bracing is used to support the counter. unless this is granite tile?
  18. Sulconst2

    Removing old grout tile surface

    mike, time for a mason chisel (wide and dull ) and a hammer. put something against the toilet so not to damage. maybe start on the far side of the toilet, in case it doesn't work then plan "c". whatever that is! got a quote to put a vinyl privacy fence and chain link up around my house for...
  19. Sulconst2

    Removing old grout tile surface

    anything wooden. use a wooden paint mixer like a chisel. when the end gets beat up cut some off. should get the big chunks off. then you need to scrape. hey, how come your not working? or me for that matter!
  20. Sulconst2

    ran into a problem when installing laminate floor in my bathroom help!!

    use a compass and scribe the piece. sounds like you need to add another piece of flooring to pick up some of that 1 1/2 gap.
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