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  1. RetroActv

    Basement Plumbing Stack Rework

    I'm framing my basement and I'd like to rework the vent a little bit to make it easier to frame. It's been a work in progress. The current configurations creates a challenge getting the studs 16" OC. The best I can do is about 21". However, with some rework, 16" would be much easier. See...
  2. RetroActv

    Subpanel Wire Size

    I'm working on sizing a subpanel for finishing my basement. Main is 200 amp, and I want to run 100 amp to the subpanel. Distance is about 100 feet, all in-doors. In looking at wire sizes/ampicities, I believe I can use #1 aluminum, correct? I had thought I needed to use the 60 degree column...
  3. RetroActv

    Basement 1/2 Wall Framing Help

    I'm working on finishing my basement. Kind of stuck on how to best frame the 1/2 wall (house has a lookout basement). I started one section, but before I go too far I thought I'd seek advice. I've attached a picture for reference. For the section I did, I had the wall go as high as the concrete...
  4. RetroActv

    Utility Sink - Maximum Vent Distance?

    I'm planning to install a utility sink in my unfinished basement. I'm very close to a drain, but the vent I want to tie into is some distance away. It's a 2-inch vent that's associated with the bathroom rough-in. Should be plenty of capacity on that vent in terms of DFUs. My plan is to go...
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