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  1. 2stupid2fixit

    What is this?

    The spattering of white stuff on the outside of the canister tells my useless chemistry education that you are seeing a salt evaporation. Without being able to take a sample of the dripped water where the salt has remained, It could be sodium chloride (table salt), calcium chloride, potassium...
  2. 2stupid2fixit

    Water hammer in system on start-up

    You solved the problem by removing the extra check valve. I studied the physics behind this and multiple check valves along the same line will only fight for equilibrium... vacuum forces at play. In any well setup, its an unnecessary battle. You want the pump to push water to its final place of...
  3. 2stupid2fixit

    Well Pump Recommendation

    I'd be inclined to say that having your pump run for long cycles as you describe is better than if it did catch the tank up but switched on and off may times during one shower. Expansion tanks, even ones that take up a lot of room, don't store much water.
  4. 2stupid2fixit

    Help! Pump and pipe fell in well!

    Some guys I've worked with have had success using this thing. It goes down weighted and when it bites onto something sticking up, it can yank. Don't know if its something worth chasing in your case but I figured it was worth mentioning.
  5. 2stupid2fixit

    Well Pump Recommendation

    if you would like any of my help there are lots of questions I have. From being in the forums for a few years I think we all have lots of questions about your setup before we can guess on whats best for you. Tell us more, or tell us the most you know about your well.
  6. 2stupid2fixit

    Leaking well line to home

    I agree with Fitter30, it *should* be below the frost line. But the real answer of the depth would likely depend on the physical layout/properties of the lot when the system was installed, and what the installer actually did. Your leak could be visible from along the line but not at the actual...
  7. 2stupid2fixit

    Backflow to well or leak between pump and tank?

    True to my name, I didnt see this in the thread, but have you eliminated the pitless adapter gasket as the culprit? A rotted $6 pitless gasket will wreak havoc on your whole system. A failed pitless connection will cause pumped water to go right back down the well, and it will cause water pumped...
  8. 2stupid2fixit

    6 Month cheapo pump update

    stranded vs. solid copper makes a big difference when mentioning gauge
  9. 2stupid2fixit

    Hallmark pump for a cistern?

    Let me tell you all about Hallmark pumps. 1. I get NOTHING for telling you about them. I am not a paid sponsor. 2. I bought one on Ebay for $150-160 I forget how much for sure but it wasn't $170. Check my name and my posts and I tell you all about it. It replaced a franklin motor, goulds wet...
  10. 2stupid2fixit

    Cheap pump update

    We are about to enter August 2023 and the cheap ass pump I bought on ebay has not failed yet! Infact, funny story... I know these details thanks to my security cameras. last friday at 8:20 am I left with my buddies to go on a fishing trip. at 9:14 the thing that holds the hose nozzle to the...
  11. 2stupid2fixit

    Pitless adapter

    I agree with valveman, you spin a roulette wheel when selecting a well contractor. Your neighbors might say "this is the guy we use" because they know no one else. After talking to your well guy you find out his full time job is collecting shopping carts at walmart. The consumer that does...
  12. 2stupid2fixit

    Help! Is our submersible pump ruined?

    not only just OK, I think those numbers are healthy. others will tell me that this is a bad suggestion but, it helps with calculations because you can see what your well can actually DO. 1, Open a port on your wells supply that goes only from the pump output to nothing else, except a pitless...
  13. 2stupid2fixit

    What is causing air bubbles in supply line

    also your photos may be tricking me, but it looks like you used RainOrShine pvc cement, am I right? You could have a one way leak in your pvc. That means its perfectly good at holding in all the water but not good at holding vacuum and keeping air out. Beause a pipe isnt leaking water doesnt...
  14. 2stupid2fixit

    What is causing air bubbles in supply line

    Installing filters is a way to cause back pressure that you previously did not have before installing the filters, and new back pressure is a fantastic way to find out that your pitless gasket is no longer maintaining a good seal. Bad pitless gasket or o-ring means that when the pump is idle...
  15. 2stupid2fixit

    They tell me I need to dig a new well!

    without knowing how many amps your pump wants after 5 mins of running with no tank.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. 2stupid2fixit

    Cheap pump update

    don't even get me started about the "youngsters". I meet so many where had they been a passenger on an escalator, and the power failed, they would be stranded. They would not realize that the escalator had just become stairs. That's how mechanically declined they are.
  17. 2stupid2fixit

    Cheap pump update

    I couldn't agree more. Perhaps if the US government imposed an 8% tariff on the import of that cheap pump, and used that revenue to lessen the tax burden on domestic pump manufacturers, it would make for a more level playing field and could make the pumps comparable in price so that the US made...
  18. 2stupid2fixit

    Cheap pump update

    2stupid to find older threads. In the future I will do that.
  19. 2stupid2fixit

    Rest in Piece Terry

    Well, this is very difficult news to absorb. I did not know Terry personally, but I have great a great deal of respect for him. I really liked the way he had these forums set up and that he gave out free GOOD ADVICE to anyone willing to read it. That's not the norm these days. The well and pump...
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