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  1. IGx89

    Rust/water collecting on top of water heater

    No leaking, walls painted with Drylock Extreme four year ago. I have dehumidifer in a corner set at 50% and a water sensor at the bottom of the water heater that reports 58% humidity. It's been a lot more humid in the past (70%+) before this issue started.
  2. IGx89

    Rust/water collecting on top of water heater

    4in and then 6in. I could have worded it better: the flue itself is very hot when touched, but if I hold my hand up to the air gap under the vent hood, to check if exhaust is going into the room vs. up the vent, it's cool. Good point about trees! It's below the roof peak but I believe is at...
  3. IGx89

    Rust/water collecting on top of water heater

    Hello! I have a 7-year-old AO Smith gas water heater (GCRL-40 400). About a year ago I started seeing minor rust/corrosion appearing by the flue, and it's progressively gotten worse to the point where so much water collects on top that it drips to the floor. When I research on Google everything...
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