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  1. JMac

    What is the difference in these two Toto's

    The MS comes with a seat and the CST doesn't. For the letters following the numbers, the S (CSG) says it is 1.6 gpf, and the E (CEG) is for 1.28 gpf. Here is Terry's (Toto's) fuller list: C = TORNADO FLUSH® system E = 1.28 GPF S = 1.6 GPF F = 16-1/8" bowl height G = CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze...
  2. JMac

    Drake with raised flange won't sit on floor.

    Attempting to install a new toilet at my parents. I bought them a Toto CST776, grabbed some tools, and drove down here. The original toilet was an older 5 gpf job that had been in the house for years before my parents even bought it. I managed to get it pulled, and see that the flange sticks up...
  3. JMac

    Toto Drake flushing issue (ie not flushing)

    A little background. The bathroom is on an exterior wall, and from that wall goes bathtub, toilet, then a single-sink vanity. On the opposite side of that interior wall is the kitchen double sink. The house is a 3/1 ranch on a slab built in early 70s with a septic tank a few feet outside of the...
  4. JMac

    Help leaky older Delta 3-handle faucet

    I have a leaky faucet that is getting worse. I am guessing it is Delta as that is what it says on the handles. The faucet was installed anywhere from the early 70s until the mid-00s, and most likely they are original from the 70s. The only thing metal is the extension pipe; everything else is...
  5. JMac

    Plugged drains have me stumped

    I went with a local family owned business that I had dealt with in the past. Rates seemed reasonable, and he got the job done. Turns out it was 2 separate stoppages, which makes sense with the symptoms, just weird with the timing. And as a bonus, got the drain stopper in the tub fixed.
  6. JMac

    Elbows in a standpipe?

    Instead of 90s, could you use 45s so that what is proposed to be horizontal would have a slope? I don't know if either would be code, but this way it would at least be sloped to avoid standing water/liquid.
  7. JMac

    Plugged drains have me stumped

    Yeah, Jim, that is what I was thinking. I see why I was having issues snaking the tub... I didn't realize how the stopper worked and was hitting that. I now know that for the next time I have to try to snake the tub.
  8. JMac

    Plugged drains have me stumped

    OK, I have an appt for tomorrow morning. Now to see what comes of this. Thanks guys for your input.
  9. JMac

    Plugged drains have me stumped

    Would a vent blockage cause this? Or would that just cause the trap to be pulled empty (which isn't happening, at least on the vanity)? Terry, I tried going through the tub overflow, but I could only get the snake to about even with the bottom of the tub before it hit something solid that I...
  10. JMac

    I hear when my neighbor is using water in my wall

    Is this in the common wall? There easily could be pipes for both townhouses running through the wall between units.
  11. JMac

    Plugged drains have me stumped

    To start with, single story ranch on a cement slab. The main drain comes out the back wall approximately in line with the wall between bathroom and kitchen. Coming in from the back wall (based on where drain pipes go into the wall/floor) would be tub, kitchen sink, toilet, then single vanity...
  12. JMac

    This really sucks!

    18 Years??? Wow...
  13. JMac

    New toilet search for very tall bowl.

    My mom wants their toilet replaced. It is currently a 3.5 gpf standard height round bowl builder special (not that any of this is applicable to my question). Somewhere or other, she swears that there is a toilet that is higher than 16-17" bowl height and that is what she wants. I had replaced...
  14. JMac

    Hybred Water Heater - Advice on model GE GeoSpring 80 or Whirlpool 80-Gallon

    I realize it's been a month, but am going to put my $.02 out there... I got the GE 50G version about a year ago, and have had no problems with it. Reading online, there have been complaints about the electronics, but that hasn't hit me (knock on wood LOL). One thing I have found (and expected...
  15. JMac

    Toilet seats /wood/ they get bad soon

    I have a Bemis slo-close seat, either wood or composite... have had it 6 months (as long as I have had the toilet) and it hasn't started staining or anything. Don't remember exactly, but paid in the low-mid $30's. I know when I was looking, the plastic seats were almost as much, so I went with...
  16. JMac

    Toilet seats /wood/ they get bad soon

    Not sure what .olsonite is, but Lowes and Home Depot both carry plastic seats, and it wouldn't surprise me if Meijer and/or Menards does also (I haven't been to either of those 2 in ages, but I know they are both in MI).
  17. JMac

    Sealing a Toilet while away for 6 months.

    If you don't want to leave water in the toilet, shut off the water behind the toilet (the shutoff valve), flush the toilet a time or two, then sponge or wet vac out what's left. Note that this will leave an open pipe to the sewer/septic tank. Do you not have somebody that can go into your house...
  18. JMac

    A TOTO toilet for an old home with many kids

    I believe the eco-Drake is just another name for the 1.28gpf Drake I. The flush handle pushes down from the front, so I don't think a 4" gap will really hinder that. There is also a right-side flush tank if that would be a better option, but it does cost more, and probably is harder to find...
  19. JMac

    New Delta Prelude Toilets at Home Depot

    Whitlow, don't know what part of of GA you're in, or if you are still looking... but I know of a plumbing supply place just W of Atlanta that has very competitive pricing on Totos, and many other brands.
  20. JMac

    Considering several Totos -- which will fit 11" rough-in?

    The Aquia I'm not sure about, but I can tell you that the Entrada, Drake, and Drake II are not Unifit equipped units.
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