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    Used wrong size trowel for wall tile

    Good Evening, I installed 12x24 wall tile in my shower remodel. I realize now that I should have used a 1/2 x 1/2 trowel, but used a 1/4"x1/4" trowel. I back buttered and troweled each tile as well as the wall. I pullled up tiles every so often and always had good coverage of the back. The...
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    Freestanding Tub Drain Kit

    This is a new bathroom. I ran pvc and have a p trap set up below the tub. Is it ok to run a straight pipe right from the tub to the p trap? The tub did not come with a kit.
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    Freestanding Tub Drain Kit

    Hello All, I am installing a freestanding tub with access below the floor (2nd story bathroom). Question 1. I was wondering if I still need a drain kit for the floor below the tub or if I would be able to run PVC straight from the tub to the trap? All the installation videos I have watched use...
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