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    Critique newbies 5800SXT settings

    All good, R4. After reading Bannermans reasoning, I realized it's not only salt efficiency, but water as well. I think I'll stay on 7 salt lb/ cu ft and maintain your settings. It's all set up. Thanks a million for the input!
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    Critique newbies 5800SXT settings

    Thanks Reach. A few more clarifications: I am on city water so the DO at 30 is an interesting point. My intent was a 6 lb salt/cu ft target, so I assume Bannerman has confirmed my settings for C/BF there. Double backwash is correct? Does that take more water or uses the same water, just more...
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    Critique newbies 5800SXT settings

    I'd appreciate your thoughts, Reach. More granularity makes sense. Confirmed paddlewheel. Assembly looks just like this: paddle wheel
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    Critique newbies 5800SXT settings

    Thanks for all the resources in this forum! Very helpful as I lurked and did my research. I settled on a 5800SXT and my calculations are different than what the supplier recommends, so I was hoping some in here could weigh in. Hatch 5b test @ 12 gpg Roughly 165 gallons a day usage Based on...
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    Are you able to receive forum emails?

    Taylor, just an FYI, I was never able to create an account using gmail. Literally no confirmation emails ever came through. So if you have anyone trying to set up with gmail, they may be having issues. I checked all folders regularly over a week. I resent the confirmation email several times...
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