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    Bathroom wet vent sizing

    Well, my question was not really clear, or significant for my application because I am running 2" minimum everywhere and your explanation makes it clear that what I was hoping to do will work :). But, just for kicks, my attempted question rephrased; could the wet vent from the lav to the combo...
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    Bathroom wet vent sizing

    Ahh, that makes sense! Thanks Wayne. I didn't see mention of the WC, which is also utilizing the Wet Vent. Could the lav drain be 1.5 inclusive of the water closet, or would the Water Closet require it's own vent?
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    Bathroom wet vent sizing

    Hi, I'm trying to follow IPC code, but I'm not sure I have this right. The 4" combo wye is below a WC and to be plugged upstream with a C/O. The 2" pipe is the tub trap arm connected to a 2" combo wye draining a Lav and venting through the roof. The 2" drain for the lav is the Wet Vent...
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