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    Annual gas boiler service

    What services does a good gas boiler mechanic perform during an annual service? Thanks in advance for your insight.
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    Gas boiler pilot light

    I have an older Burnham gas boiler. When I set the thermostat at its lowest setting, the boiler will fire until the thermostat no longer calls for heat, then the pilot goes out. Yesterday, I set the thermostat to 60 or so, and the pilot was still on this morning and the system was still hot, so...
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    Gas furnace readings

    I have a Weil-McLain boiler supplying the hot water to my cast-iron radiator heating system. Any one have a thought on what the pressure and temperature gauges should be reading? The temp gauge goes to 130-140F after the boiler cycles off, and the pressure gauge appears to be fairly steady at...
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    Getting a snake through a p-trap?

    Clarification? Why no drain cleaning bladder? Does it matter if the drains are cast iron, not PVC?
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    Getting a snake through a p-trap?

    My pedestal sink is so close to the wall that I can't get a wrench on the clean-out on the bottom of the trap. Any suggestions on getting a snake through the trap? The drain appears to be blocked about 4 - 6' away from the sink, for what that is worth.
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