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  1. DaveHo

    Busted PVC pipe, what to do

    I ripped out of whole house full of the stuff & re-piped with Uponor. Upper left, first pic is definitely poly b. The toilet supply line color is washed out in the pic, but looks like poly to me.
  2. DaveHo

    Busted PVC pipe, what to do

    What a hack job on that wall. I also notice you have polybutylene supply lines. You'd be wise to remove as much of that stuff as possible while the wall is open.
  3. DaveHo

    Reliable Sump Option

    I have a Zoller N53(no built in switch) & an SJE Rhombus vertical switch going on ten years now. My pit always has enough water to cover the pump, but it only runs during heavy rains. Still going strong, but to be safe I have plans to replace both soon. Will be using the same equipment when I do.
  4. DaveHo

    OK I am leaning towards copper pipe from floor to sinks

    What's wrong with sticking with the pex you've already run? You want less connections, that's the ticket.
  5. DaveHo

    Copper deburring question

    I use a tool like this. It's more compact than the sharkbite tool.
  6. DaveHo

    Leaking 1/4T shut off

    Water doesn't flow uphill. There will still be water in the faucet above the supply line.
  7. DaveHo

    What to do with sewer cleanout

    If you have room, build out the wall so the clean out is inside the wall cavity. Add one of those plastic access panels to get to it.
  8. DaveHo

    What to do with sewer cleanout

    What about adding a second clean-out above the existing one pointed 180 degrees the other way? Cover over the existing one. Seems you have room on the other side of the wall. Does that meet code?
  9. DaveHo

    Replacing valve at waterline shutoff to house

    Terry, Which PRV do you tend to use for residential use? Thinking of putting one in as my pressure is around 85psi. Hoping to eliminate some water hammer from the washing machine valves. Already have arrestors on the back of the washer, but they are having minimal effect.
  10. DaveHo

    Recommendation for a good manual PVC pipe cutter (up to 2" pipe)

    Do you have any tools which use the Milwaukee M12 battery system? If so, since you are already spending almost a $100 on the cutter you linked, pick up a Milwaukee 2470-21 PVC shear. They can be had for about $130 if you shop around. It rocks.
  11. DaveHo

    PEX bend too much?

    Inside diameter is smaller & can cause enough back pressure to force water out the shower head when using the tub spout.
  12. DaveHo

    Burying propane tank

    Propane tanks are buried all the time around here. Not sure what Cali regulations are.
  13. DaveHo

    Repaired drain? Should I worry?

    Looks like someone smeared that stuff on to "fix" a leaking joint. It's hard to tell, are there connections where the tar is? While doing some remodeling, I came across a joint someone had smeared with duct sealing mastic. It was on a horizontal section & showed no signs of leaking so I left...
  14. DaveHo

    Sharkbite vs EPC or Mueller

    I've had several Sharkbite fittings in use for close to 10 years. I use them to transition from copper to PEX at the water heater. Never an issue. How many fittings? What's the cost difference? Since I've used Sharkbites & they are the original push fittings, I say go with them. I'm sure...
  15. DaveHo

    PEX pipe to replace galvanized

    It's going to heat up no matter what you do, but you can slow it by insulating the pipe & placing it under the attic insulation.
  16. DaveHo

    Is it OK to Vent a Toilet, Shower & Bath Sink into the Attic - at the Roof Ridge Vent?

    I'm far from being a professional, but the questions you are asking are a clear indication you should pay a qualified plumber to do this work.
  17. DaveHo

    Buying a house - water/electric turned off in November, no winterization

    Yeah, I realize that. But he should figure the expense of a re-pipe & new water heaters into his offer. In fact, if I was dead set on buying, I wouldn't even turn on the water and risk further damage. Just do the re-pipe & be done with it. OP, what type of heating system? There may be...
  18. DaveHo

    Buying a house - water/electric turned off in November, no winterization

    I would want new water heaters & a complete re-pipe for piece of mind. No telling what was damaged but will still hold pressure for the short term. You could possibly have damaged traps as well.
  19. DaveHo

    Winterize a Michigan house, is water shutoff at inside water meter sufficient?

    Shut the water off in the basement. Build some type of enclosure around the meter & shutoff & then find a way to heat that enclosure. A regular incandescent light bulb should work. Of course you still need a way to keep tabs on it in case the heat source fails. You'll need to use compressed...
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