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  1. SWong

    Stay put or puchase a ranch (vs multi-story home)

    Beautiful home Terry....I'd imagine it takes quite a bit of maintenance to keep it so p[ristine. Huge turnoff is having to climb stairs which until recently was just irritating but it's now a huge effort. As alluded to earlier, when we acquired my 3-sory home in 1979 stairs weren't an issue...
  2. SWong

    Stay put or puchase a ranch (vs multi-story home)

    Wife and I are brainstorming a new ranch style home just so we can avoid all this stair climbing due to age and health related issues. We currently live in a 3-story brick&mortar attached townhouse which has been very good to us during the 40+ years we've lived in it. Currently gas steam...
  3. SWong

    Grohe Shower Valve Replacement

    I've got this very same Grohe shower valve however mine is not a pressure balanced valve but a thermostatic valve and it still serves this houshold reliably after some 8+ years. Your blue colored item is the Grohe rough-in box (Grohe part number is 35026) which is where your pressure balanced...
  4. SWong

    1/2" MIP? Does this exist?

    Try ... last time I checked they had the Dahl valve (1/2 inch MIP to 1/4-inch compression) in both straight and 90-degree varieties
  5. SWong

    M12 forcelogic(propress)?

    First of all, the Milwaukee propress line I believe is only for potable water lines simply because normal house pressure is normally 60psi. You mentioned using propress for air lines which is double that. Secondly the M12 platform is slightly anemic in pressing anything more than 1/2-inch...
  6. SWong

    Can't pull out kitchen faucet spout

    If you are desperate for this why don't you just pay Pfister to ship out what you require on a cash or credit card basis? Where I'm from (New York City) "money talks"! If it were me, I'd changeout the whole faucet and be done with it. From the look's of you old faucet, you've gotten your...
  7. SWong

    On-line plumbing supplies

    Zoro, SupplyHouse, and eBay if I don't need the part in a emergency situation. I've been using SupplyHouse when I cannot find the item on eBay and they are amazing when you need if "overnighted" in emergency situations. For me, they also have a "walk-in" retail location in Farmingdale which is...
  8. SWong

    Bathroom sink clogged but can't pull anything out

    Like yourself I was a neophyte homeowner some 40 years ago and one of the very first issues I had were clogged sink drains. Money was tight, ignorance ran rampant. however one of the most valuable tools which I purchased was a Milwaukee electric drain snake with a 1/4-inch 25-foot cable which...
  9. SWong

    Can we avoid putting shut off valve on hot supply line under sink?

    Why would you want to avoid shutoffs on your hotside? What if you need to make repairs or upgrades to your faucets and have to shut off water to the whole house. Bad idea if you ask me ..... leaking or ruptured washing machine hoses let alone having to shut off water just to upgrade the...
  10. SWong

    New shower - valve and trim questions

    I completed a full basement bathroom renovation 3 years ago and like yourself researched and performed due diligence way more time than I could count. In the end we settled on Grohe it's been 3+ years of reliable trouble-free service. Like yourself I personally wasn't too thrilled with what...
  11. SWong

    Hansgrohe 88624000 Kitchen sink pull out hose

    If you have your old invoice or sales receipt you can notify Hansgrohe directly for a FREE replacement. You might have to send a picture along with a scanned copy of your sales receipt and they will send a replacement hose out for FREE. Worse case scenario purchase a replacement to get it...
  12. SWong

    Bathroom remodel complete -- thank you!!

    Good choice selecting Dahl for your shutoffs. I wish I did this years ago however better late then never. Thanks for sharing!
  13. SWong

    Boiler periodic flush needed?

    Very good question RMAN and I also would like to know. Me, I've always flushed and backflushed after each and every heating season simply because all that rust and trash eventually makes it difficult to read the amount of water via the glass sightgage. All that rust and dirt impedes the making...
  14. SWong

    Dahl Quick Grip

    I completely agree with HJ on his opinion. Once you use a compression fitting to the stubout coming off the wall it's a bear getting the ferrule off. Exacerbating matter is the fact many plumbers ond renovators cut the rough stubout too close to the wall making it almost impossible to repair a...
  15. SWong

    Dahl supply line ball valves....anything else better?

    Thanks for the info on the Brasscraft valves Mliu. I wish could could say my local HD store stocks the better of these Brasscraft branded shutoffs but alas it is not. Best I could find had the "G2" labeling hence I've not started paying the extra money and ordering them online. As alluded to...
  16. SWong

    Dahl supply line ball valves....anything else better?

    I tried chasing down a few of the recommended (by Terry) Brasscraft shutoffs however everything stock by my local Lowes and Home Depot are junk. Usual plastic stems and/or knob which doesn't instill confidence. The Dahls also appear to have gone up in pricing...originally paid $11/unit and now...
  17. SWong

    Should I Replace This P-Trap Assembly?

    John, from the picture posted by you earlier you can see the p-trap has leeway and can swivel hence I don't believe your p-trap is bent or distorted in any way. Don't get overly hung up over the fact I prefer green tapered washers over square cut washers. Use whatever gets you the desired...
  18. SWong

    Sharkbite needs Poligrip

    Getting another good education why my fears about never using Sharkbite fittings. "If" I ever had to use SB fittings I'd make sure it was used only on exposed pipe and I'd watch them like a hawk. Propress fitting give me pause also because sealing depends on a crushed rubber seal. Terry IMHO...
  19. SWong

    Shower cartridge replacement cost

    $400 for a shower cartridge replacement?.....if they had a gun, they could officially call it armed robbery! If it boils down to difficulty loosening them removing I would give the broken valve a spritz of kroil penetrating spray twice daily for a few days then come back inn on the job. Just...
  20. SWong

    Should I Replace This P-Trap Assembly?

    Sometimes the easiest appearing undersink drain lines can be a royal PITA to remedy. You didn't mention if this is a kitchen sink or bathroom sink and if the sink is a solid cast iron or just a stamped SS sink. I dislike stamped stainless steel sinks because they have a nasty tendency to flex...
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