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  1. jwarr

    1992 House - Oxidation Sediment from Drain

    Hey all, Helping a friend out with what I was hoping was a simple clog in his shower stall. Stall is on the 2nd floor master bath suite. All other fixtures are draining well. The shower drains but very slowly. After plunging and snaking we had what appears to be oxidation sediment. The initial...
  2. jwarr

    2" trap for a shower in a 2x8 floor joist

    Sounds good, I appreciate the feedback! I agree with you, I'll expand my search radius and see what I can find. I'd rather be on the safe side. Thanks Wayne!!
  3. jwarr

    2" trap for a shower in a 2x8 floor joist

    Hey Wayne, thanks for the response! Yes, what you have is what I have used in the past. Unfortunately I've been trying to find it and it has been out of stock locally. As far as the vent connection, it'll be located in the wall shared with the shower, so no issue there. This drain is running...
  4. jwarr

    2" trap for a shower in a 2x8 floor joist

    Hey all, I've seen a few discussions on fitting a 2" trap for a shower in the vertical space for a 2x8 floor joists. I've seen a few solutions and wanted to see if anyone sees an issue with this. Take a look at the pics but essentially it is 3 90s and 2 45s so that there is enough clearance to...
  5. jwarr

    Toilet vent in a 2x10 floor joist

    Stuff, Thank you for your quick reply. I completely agree that the picture isn't legal. Just was the best way I could think about doing it......until you pointed out the obvious. I was so focused on solving the toilet vent as a standalone problem (since I had already "solved" the shower/sinks)...
  6. jwarr

    Toilet vent in a 2x10 floor joist

    Hello all! First of all, love this forum. I read it all the time but have found myself in need of your most expert knowledge. I have searched and can't find a solution to my problem. I'm sure somewhere some has answered it...and I apologize....but I'll try and provide as much information as...
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