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  1. Leo

    Bathroom Fan water leak

    Kid got married and now both living here. They like long hot showers. There‘s no window. Dew point comment makes sense. Stains are on popcorn ceiling around fan cover. It is the higher efficiency squirrel cage drum style. Damper is plastic and operating as it should. I will get up on the roof...
  2. Leo

    Bathroom Fan water leak

    4” rigid downslope horizontal run thru side of house confirmed. The vent is 25’ between floors so in a heated portion.
  3. Leo

    Bathroom Fan water leak

    110 cfm Broan new const. 2006 main (1st floor) powder room. Ceiling water stains from fan about time 2 kids moved in so bathroom use increased 500%. As is first floor, it is not cold in the floor joists so can condensation be the case?
  4. Leo

    Water collecting in duct work

    I have water stains in my bathroom 1st floor ceiling, (ducting is in a heated floor) then 25’ horizontal run to hip roof outside. 110 cfm Broan new construction 2006. Bathroom use increased 500% by 2 kids moving in full time when stains began. They actually flow down interior wall and pool in...
  5. Leo

    Boiler pressure rises

    Allied Engineering Superhot MG-75 Nat gas boiler (14 years old) for hydronic home baseboard heating losing water from PRV. Found 2 gal exp tank had no air charge and full of water. Installed Maxtrol EX-15 exp tank with 14 PSI precharge, new 30 PSI PRV, and a new boiler 1/2" drain gate valve. I...
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