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  1. ario

    Slow tub drain.

    I had the same trouble snaking through the overflow. The trap is all galvanized with a galv. plug as a cleanout...rusted solid. Why wouldn't you use chemical cleaners?
  2. ario

    Recommend toilet for 14" rough in?

    Thanks, I installed an Eljer Patriot with the 17" bowl height. My rough-in is actually 15 inches so it sits a little further away from the wall than I would like, but it's a great toilet. Lots of power and good bowl wash..
  3. ario

    Bathtub refinishing experience?

    A friend tried the DIY kit and it looked good for about a week. With four people using the shower/tub the finish started to crack and peel in a few places. Although annoying, it still looks better than what he started with.
  4. ario

    Slow tub drain.

    I ran the shower on the first floor for the first time and noticed the drain was slow. A typical length shower would result in 4-6 inches of water. I used three bottles of Drano foaming cleanser and that helped quite a bit. Now I get about 2 inches of water. I tried snaking it, but the hard...
  5. ario

    Recommend toilet for 14" rough in?

    I wanted a Toto, but the style of their 14" toilets won't work in our house. The Eljer Patriot is attractive, but is it any good? I have a new American Standard upstairs and it blocks up every few months so I'm a little nervous about using another one.
  6. ario

    Need help with a flange spacer.

    The original plumbing was done in 1922. It's a cast iron flange set in a bed of mortar on top of pine flooring; 14" offset. I installed 3/4 plywood and then tile. Now the flange sits 1/4" below the surface in the front and 3/8" below the surface in the rear. A local plumber wanted $900 to tear...
  7. ario

    Purging natural gas lines of air.

    I had the gas turned off for a month and removed the line to the gas dryer (we're going to electric) and plugged the pipe. Also installed new hot water heater. I can't light the pilot off course because there is air in the lines. How do I safely purge this air? Thanks.
  8. ario

    3/4 inch or 1/2 inch for vertical pipes.

    I am going to run 3/4 copper for my horizontals and was wondering if there is any advantage to doing 3/4 for the verticals? I want a powerful shower and even though the shower vavle openings look kinda small, I thought maybe 3/4 inch would be better than 1/2 inch for the supplies and head?
  9. ario

    Raising a cast iron flange?

    Hello, I have cast iron flange and waste pipe on my first floor toilet. We are going to remove this toilet and everything else and put down cement board and then tile. Currently it's vinyl over hardwood. Is it possible to raise the flange with some kind of adaptor about 1"? Or do I have to...
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