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  1. Butlercreek

    Clack retention tank connections

    I have a clack rt120 retention tank with the standard in/out head coming. It looks like the head has a threaded connection on top for a vacuum breaker that looks like a female NPT, but what size? What vacuum breakers do people use? Also, is the bottom connection 3/4 or 1 iinch, the...
  2. Butlercreek

    Well with cistern and iron bacteria

    So as I understand you one way would be to meter in chlorine or peroxide into the cistern which would kill the IRB and oxidize the iron which would mostly settle out in the cistern. Then a GAC filter with backwash would be used after the pump serving the house. Is this correct? How do I...
  3. Butlercreek

    Well with cistern and iron bacteria

    I do not have a pressure tank involved in filling the cistern, just in the pump system from the cistern to the house. So, basically I have two level switches in the cistern. When the level falls below the lower one, the well pump turns on to pump water into the cistern until it reaches the...
  4. Butlercreek

    Well with cistern and iron bacteria

    We have a low flow well, about 3GPM that pumps into a 2400 gallon cistern with level switches to control the well pump. From the cistern we draw water with a variable speed 10 GPM pump with small pressure tank that feeds the house. Currently have a water softener in the house. The water has a...
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