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  1. Gsmith22

    5800 Upflow running out of water too soon

    echoing Reach, I would be shocked to hear they are not adding chlorine/chloramine. Its entirely possible the individiual has no idea. You could check for chlorine with pool water testing supplies. In the event they are not treating the water (again, this is 3rd world banana republic type...
  2. Gsmith22

    Water Filtration help, please!

    ferrous (dissolved) to ferric (not dissolved) iron can happen with a variety of processes. you basically oxidize the ferrous iron so you can physically filter out the ferric iron. oxidation can happen with the addition of air, chloine, h2o2, and probably something else Im not remembering...
  3. Gsmith22

    Water Filtration help, please!

    -2.5 is crazy low for LSI. assuming the calculation was done correctly, I would look into soda ash injection to correct the pH, not calcite. you already have soft water, no need to screw that up with calcite and then need a softener to reduce hardness after correcting the pH. ferrous iron and...
  4. Gsmith22

    Water Filtration help, please!

    Run an LSI calculation. slightly low pH and soft water could mean very negative LSI which will eat copper and other metalic substances that are part of the plumbing system. With only 2.5 years in, its probably too early to show any visible problems. if you have pex, probably not a plumbing...
  5. Gsmith22

    Are these acid neutralizers on amazon any good?

    5.6 is very low. I was under the impression that running water through calcite only works for relatively moderate changes in pH like say from 6.5 and up. Plus you get the added benefit of a bigger softener afterwards. Why not soda ash injection? you can dial in the pH change without the...
  6. Gsmith22

    Confusing field of kitchen water purification

    water is known as the "great dissolver" for a reason. it doesn't like to stay pure. Water will tend to dissolve whatever it comes in contact with regardless of its pH (although low pH contributes to this property). The more things dissolved in water (ie high TDS), genearlly the less active this...
  7. Gsmith22

    Confusing field of kitchen water purification

    From #1: There are no top 5 configurations because 1)water is infinitely variable so one person's problem is different than the next 2)there are different pollutants being addressed as well as different levels of said pollutant from one person to the next and 3)there are multiple processes...
  8. Gsmith22

    Treating Iron Bacteria and low pH and moderate radon

    this thread will interest you regarding radon: Radon doesn't stay radon. Radon collected in your GAC will give off an alpha or beta particle transforming it into...
  9. Gsmith22

    Water Softener Downsizing

    why downsize? you existing system will just regenerate less if there is a drop in hardness of the incoming water.
  10. Gsmith22

    Why is there a relationship between Radon limit in water that depends on air?

    There are 4 radioactive decay chains and they all include Radon (with half lifes generally measured in days). Radon is a gas so it can move up through the ground and into your home with relative ease while the other decay chain products can't (they are solids and would need to be physically...
  11. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    chlorine is the fallback because it works. the vast majority of municipal water supplies in the world use it to treat their water. A whole lot more research and money have been devoted to those water supplies than you will be capable of expending. What do you know that they don't? If you...
  12. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    large differences between free chlorine and total chlorine indicate lots of stuff is being killed by the chlorine. Free chlorine is active hypochlorite available for killing things. When the chlorine kills stuff, it creates chloramines which are just the byproducts of chlorine mixing with...
  13. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    Let me preface the following (potentially stupid) question with the fact that I know nothing about AIO (1, 2, 3, etc. :)) other than you are injecting something into the water. If you believe that the bacteria is aerobic (needing oxygen), wouldn't injecting anything with oxygen in it (that is...
  14. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    FYI, for a pool it is shock level and maintain (SLAM) and not just "shock". you have to raise the pool to a very high chlorine level and then keep it there until it can be shown that the chlorine level does not drop from it being used up killing things. Shocking and not maintaining may reduce...
  15. Gsmith22

    H2S Test Kit

    I seem to recall someone telling you test strips were a waste of time because you can't get an accurate result.... can't quite remmber who.... :)
  16. Gsmith22

    Effectiveness of Chlorine in high pH water at H2S and Bacteria Removal

    see your other tread where I talked about what you are doing with relationship to pool sanitation. Pools are supposed to be kept at pH between 7.2 and 7.6 for effective chlorine use.
  17. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    I've only used the Taylor based kits so I can't directly comment on other brands. But, as far as test strips vs titration, it isn't even close. An analogy would be like driving somewhere (titration) vs walking there blindfolded (test strips). My guess is that brands of titration kits (or even...
  18. Gsmith22

    Water Treatment Forums

    this is the best I have found
  19. Gsmith22

    Any guesses on what bacteria I have?

    i have been periodically following along. I would possibly look into theory with respect to chlorine use and pool sanitation. check out this thread and chart: You will not have any CYA because that is a pool specific aditive to...
  20. Gsmith22

    Rehau vs. Uponor?

    I wrote a thesis on PEX expansion in this thread if you want to check it out:
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