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  1. daves

    Disconnecting domestic hot water coil

    I have decided to abandon my oil fired boiler domestic hot water coil for my hot water usage but could use some clarification. I will be installing a 50 gal electric water heater. i am a diy'er and need advise on how to handle the coil. i have read on some internet sites not to leave the coil in...
  2. daves

    Oil fired boiler tankless coil problems??

    Need help/advice, I have come to the conclusion that i will install an electric hot water heater to take over my demands in the spring i- but it is the dead of winter and need advice. My hot water only lasts a few minutes in the shower, but seems well at all other faucets. I live in New...
  3. daves

    Stripped drop elbow HELP

    No it is stripped
  4. daves

    Stripped drop elbow HELP

    Made a stupid mistake... I installed a new shower valve, used the old brass drop elbow for the shower head, enclosed the wall, and now have discovered the old drop elbow is stripped!!! The are some threads towards the back of the elbow but I can't get the shower head arm started. Is there...
  5. daves

    Flushing problem

    Long story short.. Went to help a neighbor with a toilet that appeared to have something stuck in the trap. After plungering it to death, small particles of material that appeared to be rust and or rock coming back into the bowl. Is it possible the inside of the trap area is rotted and is...
  6. daves

    The best fix

    Please help, I am pretty handy and have done this plenty of times, but as I have found in the past, there is always a problem... I am installing a new sink in my friends 1/2 bathroom. When I took the old (very old) sink out I noticed the threads on the 1 1/2" nipple coming from the wall were...
  7. daves

    Tankless boiler coil

    I have a boiler with a tankless coil for my domestic hot water. Lately the hot water has been "fading out" and running out to fast. I have read some info on the net that has stated the coil may need to be acid cleaned. Is this something I can do myself? If it is not worth the trouble cleaning...
  8. daves

    Slow flush??

    I put a toilet in a friend's house about 6 months ago. It was the first time a toilet had been installed in this particular area (laundry/utility area) in about 25 years. The toilet worked great...that is until about 1 month ago. The toilet starts to flush o.k., then it looses steam. It actually...
  9. daves

    Weak flush

    Yes, water level has been adjusted...problem still persists. It just seems it is not getting that final drive to send everything home.
  10. daves

    Weak flush

    Long story short.. helped a friend remodel bathroom and went to install the old toilet. My friend cracked the fill valve so we installed a new one with new flapper and float. The toilet went in but now it seems the toilet does not have enough "gusto" to finish the flush. It also appears the the...
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