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  1. Adkroot

    Thread cutting mess

    installing 3/4 sch40 black steel, and my Toledo dies weren’t cutting very clean threads. Teeth were sharp and undamaged, but I went ahead and bought a new Ridgid 12R threader, since Toledo doesn’t make the old die design anymore and I figured the dies were more dull than I thought. I hadn’t used...
  2. Adkroot

    Ridgid 2a pipe cutter replacement wheels

    I’ve got several ridgid pipe cutters - 3 and 4 wheel cutters - that were my father’s, and I bought a replacement set of cutting wheels for the no 2 cutter (same as today’s 2a). I was surprised to see that the wheels have a more blunt edge than the old wheels I took off, which are relatively...
  3. Adkroot

    Outdoor Gas Shutoff (LP) full port?

    Does a reduced port ball valve have much if any effect on flow? My understanding is that the port reduction has an effect on water, but no so much on gas. Is this correct? I can’t find anything regarding this in the National code, and when my local gas company made the connection between my...
  4. Adkroot

    Need advice on septic drain field

    Are your leach lines stone and pipe, or infiltrators? I can’t answer your question, but those details may help. Mine failed similarly after half that time and I had used infiltrators.
  5. Adkroot

    AO Smith direct vent water heater vent length

    it’s just crazy that AO Smith can’t even say how long a length they supply with the unit. I only need about a 48” horizontal run, but a longer vertical that puts the entire length over 80”, which I’m wondering if is all they supply… but they don’t even know.
  6. Adkroot

    AO Smith direct vent water heater vent length

    Trying to find out what the total length is of the expandable vent for AO Smith’s GDV-40 water heaters. AO Smith customer service says they don’t know and to reference my supplier who also doesn’t know. Checked with my hvac supplier who can get the part, and he says there’s no info and when he...
  7. Adkroot

    Heat exchanger material?

    I appreciate the input, and i understand that trying patch a pin hole isn't much of a repair (I only need to stop the drip for a couple days until the new heat exchanger arrives) but in my plumbing work I can definitely say that solder will readily adhere to copper whether it's in the fitting or...
  8. Adkroot

    Heat exchanger material?

    Trying to apply some solder to the pinhole leak in the tubing on my Bosch water heater heat exchanger and it beads and rolls right off. Yes, I cleaned it, buffed with emery cloth and fluxed. It looks like copper, cleaned up and sanded like copper, but no go on the solder. No problem at all...
  9. Adkroot

    PEX manufacturer differences that cause price variations?

    I'm looking at a new construction installation of a PEX home-run system, and I'm seeing some big price variations between PEX brands. Apollo and Bluefin are substantially lower priced than Viega (all type b) but overall, Uponor, Viega are priced substantially higher than their competitors. Is...
  10. Adkroot

    Alternate heater to A.O. Smith gdv-50lp?

    My need is for a sealed combustion, direct vent, no electric requirement lp water heater and the gdv-50lp meets all the criteria. I believe Bradford-White makes one too, but they're currently on backorder for a while and priced higher that the A.O. Smith model. Is there a similar unit out there...
  11. Adkroot

    Pitless o ring replacement

    I found the size I need at a plumbing supply yesterday. The issue with regular o rings is that the material isn't the same - an o ring for a pitless is a good bit tougher. Regular o rings, as I discovered, have little tolerance for even the slightest of misalignment and if the diameter is even...
  12. Adkroot

    Pitless o ring replacement

    Could it possibly be as difficult as it seems to find a replacement pitless o ring? My plumbing supplier - a major supply in the nearest city sold me my harvard pitless 14 years ago and has no replacement o rings for it. Their suggestion is to install a whole new pitless! My pitless is too deep...
  13. Adkroot

    Submersible cable

    I'll be installing a new submersible in a day or two. The pump installer that helped me with my old submersible used direct burial wire and it needs to be replaced. Is the submersible cable I see online any different or more appropriate for this application? Thanks
  14. Adkroot

    Check valve orientation

    I'm wondering if it matters how a spring loaded brass 1 1/4" check valve is oriented - horizontal or vertical.
  15. Adkroot

    Submersible system mystery

    During demand the static water level only drops 1'. I'm certain of this having sounded the well during peak use and off use. Also, this pump won't run unless submerged. The pump isn't delvering the gpm it should be and that could be an issue with the diaphram, pistons, or the motor itself. The...
  16. Adkroot

    Submersible system mystery

    I've had an ongoing issue with my water system that I could use some input on... I have a low flow 24v dc submersible set at 40' below static water level (max allowable depth is 50') Well depth is 160' in bedrock. Drop pipe is 1/2" (required) and from the pitless to my tank I have 3/4" k...
  17. Adkroot

    Jet pump horizontal distance from well head

    I'm at 1700' elevation and drawing 12' vertical using a 1/2 hp pump , 1 1/4" pipe, and a well point. This services a camp with low water demand. I'd like to replace the old galvanized with pex or black poly and move the pump as well. I can't locate anything other than 3/4" pex, but can get...
  18. Adkroot

    Check valve ruptured

    My nearest hardware only had Campbell - I'm nearly an hour from a decent plumbing supply and want to get it leak free at least for now. Seems to be a heavy fitting with a more substantial wall thickness.
  19. Adkroot

    Check valve ruptured

    Noticed my pump running during the night when there hadn't been any water usage, then checking things out in the am discovered that the check valve had a fine split running from the end of the threads towards the middle. An inch long. I don't think I tend to over torque, but aside from that...
  20. Adkroot

    K copper to pitless splice.

    Pity-less maybe is the right phrase in this instance. Bad planning to have to run 90' of water line and fall a few feet short having to add any type connection.
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