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    Ground wire size

    NEC and most all local codes allow a smaller equipment ground for most general circuits. IIRC, there are some exceptions in the NEC where you can't do this. But for the most part it's allowed and perfectly safe. Most current Romex I get (southwire) has the same size ground as the conductors...
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    Oatey vs. Guy gray vs. Water tite

    I think they all look like cheap plastic boxes. If you're after a higher end installation I wouldn't use any of them. You can build your box into the wall and tile it. In my case, I put in front load washer and dryer and installed a counter above the machines, with a tiled backsplash...
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    Best replacement windows

    I just put in a Milgard vinyl window last year and am very pleased. I know Anderson makes a good product but unless I was in an architectural situation that demanded a wood window, there is no way I would put myself through that kind of pain. Pella has a good vinyl window too, but my dealer...
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    Enlarging Existing Hole in Granite? for K-6227-C11

    If you want to do this, I recommend a diamond wet cutting holesaw. In 2" this will cost you around $175 or more for a good one. Put a bucket underneath, and have someone with a spray bottle constantly flood the hole. Some folks put a piece of sponge in the hole to hold more water. Can't hurt...
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    How Do I Fix This Drywall Hole?

    I seldom have luck trying to cut drywall to the center of a stud. The problem is that your blade ends up trying to cut through the old nails or screws. It's much easier and faster to not even try. Just cut flush to the edge of the stud - takes only a couple of minutes then to put in 1x4 or...
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    undermount sink with tile countertop

    Sounds like what you have is what is called a "tile-in" sink. These give a very slick finished look, and you can push debris right off the counter into the sink just like an undermount. But much easier than trying to cobble up an undermount installation, which will have a lot of problems to...
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    Caroma Dual Flush watersense toilet review & pictues

    My only experience with a Caroma was in a hotel in Oceanside, CA. Great looking toilet, I really like the styling -- and a powerful flush. However, it has two flaws that, for me, rule it out. The first is that the water level is just WAY too low, and the bowl wash effect isn't good. The bowl...
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    Mold containment

    "absolutely spotless" is just more typical internet sales job. If you REALLY want to learn about mold remediation, go to sites that don't have a commercial interest. Like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), or any number of State health...
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    Tile patterns with different thickness of tile

    I've never used mastic, so can't comment on its relative merits. I do know that cement based materials like thinset and medium bed mortar have never let me down, are cheap, and are what the pros tend to use. The only time I won't use thinset or medium bed martar is when it's not recommended...
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    Protecting new tile floor?

    $19 for 1/8" masonite? That's nuts. Got to Home Cheepo.... it's inexpensive enough there to be a throw-away.
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    Keep on doing what you do

    Well, I like Gary and find his posts to be informational and helpful. There are others on the softener forum that are also helpful, too... but Gary is pretty consistently good and helpful. I've seen others escalate differences of opinion as much as he has... all a shame. But overall Gary is...
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    Protecting new tile floor?

    I use 1/8" masonite. 4 x 8 sheet is 5 or 6 bucks.
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    Saved by the Floodstop

    I'm renovating the laundry room and looked into these based on Ian's comments. I bought the set and have tested it but am not fully installed yet as the room isn't ready. I also bought a Furman relay. The Floodstop has both normally-open and normally-closed switch terminals that toggle when...
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    Wire gauge for new double-oven?

    I would take this as a great motivation to change the Federal Pacific panel. Those things are scary, and have history. IMO, nothing to trifle with. Plus, most of the breakers you can get for them at this point - since they are long since out of business - are rebuilt. Even the new ones had a...
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    Is there a 200 amp breaker box with 100 amp main

    That being the case.... In San Jose CA, where I live, you can't do that. PG&E, the poco here, won't let you install a 200A box with 100A main breaker. I know this for a fact because I tried. I wanted to replace an old 100A Zinsco panel that was scaring me - I had a couple of instances...
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    Question about Outlets and terminals/push-in(real question, not a troll)

    At least it's a fairly cordial discussion. I agree with you, jw, that the spring loaded contacts are perfectly safe and acceptable as long as they are executed to a reasonable level of workmanship, and within their ratings, etc. Which is the case with ANY connection. As you point out, it's a...
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    Question about Outlets and terminals/push-in(real question, not a troll)

    Your second citation may be the best reason for your first. Your link points to lots of problems with Federal Pacific panels. No news there. Federal Pacific panels are well-known to be garbage. They company went under. Unless you have a specific article in mind... sorry I can't guess...
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    Question about Outlets and terminals/push-in(real question, not a troll)

    Interesting thread. I have some comments. 1. I don't buy the contact area argument. Test results say stab-loc works, and the area is adequate. Obviously there are lower resistance connections possible. But it doesn't matter. The spring loaded backstab works at 15A, there is not...
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    Mold containment

    dlarrivee is correct. "Clean it up then fix the moisture problem" is the basic principle of mold remediation. All the disinfection stuff is at best optional, and per the EPA, not needed or recommended. If you don't get rid of the moisture problem, mold will come back. If you do fix the...
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    Mold containment

    Bleach is a very effective mold killer, killing something like 99.9% of mold. For comparison, vinegar kills about 82% of molds. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a decent biocide, but not notably more effective than bleach. It is generally not effective in concentrations less than 10%. The stuff...
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