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    Weak Water Flow

    pressure valve Check my reply to "Loss of Pressure (Whole House)" by mdbaillie.
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    Loss of Pressure (Whole House)

    pressure control valve There should be a valve with a hex head bolt sticking out of it on the main water supply line coming into your house (probably next to the lawn sprinkler control valves in your front or side yard). That valve controls the pressure coming into the house so that your pipes...
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    Clogged vent?

    thanks Deb. I'll try un-gunking. :D
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    Clogged vent?

    The bathroom sink in one bathroom upstairs and in the bathroom directly below it give a strong sewer odor whenever used:eek:. I have tried using enzymatic cleaners to remove sludge from the lines, but to no avail. The problem seems to be worse in cold weather, but it never goes away completely...
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