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    water to air heat exchanger

    Furnace Finned Coil Heat Exchanger The easiest way to size is by measuring your furnace plenum and then choosing heat exchanger that takes the most part of it. For example, if plenum size is 17"x19" or 17"x21", then heat exchanger with finned area 16"x18" will do the best work...
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    Splitting basement off to a new zone

    Yes, there are lots of things to take into account. Therefore, it is recommended getting a local experienced contractor. Fixing mistakes is usually more costly than paying an expert to get radiant floor heating project done for the first time. Either way, it is much cheaper to install any...
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    Manifold sizing to main pex line

    I think you should go with your contractor recommendations. Your systems looks a bit complicated. You can learn more about manifold sizing from people that sell manifolds, like,
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    Solar single wall heat exchangers

    Generally, you don't need double wall heat exchanger unless you have potable water on one of the sides in your system. For example, in radiant heating systems for snow melt is widely used 30%-40% propylene glycol mix. Does it means you need a double wall heat exchanger? ... How old was that...
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    Circulating pumps always on

    I believe your contractor is right. Replacing pump every few months will be even more expensive, just consider the cost of pump itself, which is $70-250. For example, Taco pumps or Grundfos...
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