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    Pex brand question(s)...difficult decision

    Pex for radiant heating Hope you did a heat-loss calc and used insulation under that slab! This will help determine your zoning, zone lengths, pump sizing and control strategy. For radiant heating you'll want an O2 barrier PEX. There are 3 main type of Pex (Pex A, Pex B, Pex C) the type has to...
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    Thread compound and teflon tape

    HJ, >> anything but rectorseal since some versions may melt the plastic fittings << Interesting. I "did" look at the rectorseal (T plus 2) directions since I've only used on brass fittings before. It did say it could be used on CPVC and ABS. The filler/diverter has an adapter for 1/2"...
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    Thread compound and teflon tape

    I'm replacing a moen tub spout/diverter since the diverter works so poorly. More hot water down the drin than up to the shower! I've tried to locate a similar filler spout with limited success. The old spout is brass with a polished gold finish. Most supply houses wanted to sell me the entire...
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